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13 Best Restaurants in Lincoln, New Hampshire

Looking for the best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire? Whether you’re staying in the area or are just snacking on your way back from Franconia, Lincoln definitely has something to offer!

Lincoln, New Hampshire, is a little town in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  While exploring the White Mountains of the region, you’re sure to work up an appetite, with plenty of activities to do and see! And there are so many restaurants you can pick in the area!

We usually stop at various restaurants in Lincoln NH on the way back from the Flume Gorge. But there are lots of other reasons to stop through Lincoln. While it’s not the biggest town, it does have some great little eateries that are perfect after a long day of activities.

Without further ado, here are our exclusive top restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire!

13. Thai 9 Lincoln

151 Main St, Lincoln, NH | Asian, Thai, Vegetarian Friendly | 4.1 over 5 Google Rating (384 reviews)

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: Thai 9 Lincoln

The best Thai food in Lincoln is at Thai 9 Lincoln, a tiny Thai restaurant in the city’s heart.

Thai 9 Lincoln opened its doors to bring Thailand to Lincoln. They were able to do so thanks to their well-trained cooks. Visitors to Lincoln, New Hampshire, who are looking for some great meals have discovered this little-known treasure.

Thai 9 is a super small little Thai food restaurant in an old home. It’s your basic Thai restaurant inside, but we especially love going during the warm weather and sitting outside because the seating area is so cute!

This restaurant is well-known for accommodating various dietary restrictions, including gluten intolerance or veganism. It boasts a team of highly skilled chefs capable of catering to the dietary restrictions of children, adults, and even the elderly!

Also, its dining hall is spotless and tranquil, making it the ideal location for a romantic dinner and sampling the restaurant’s delights.

Authentic Thai cuisine is the specialty of this restaurant. Papaya salad, Pad See Ew, Gaeng Keow Wan Gai, Tom Yum Goong,  Khao Pad, and other Thai dishes are super yummy.

With so many choices, it’s hard to know where to start. Edamame, potstickers, or even prawn Suh mai are among the menu’s starters. Plus, a wide variety of salads, soups, marine meals, noodles, curry, and much more items on the menu cost less than $15.

We were delighted to find Thai 9 to enjoy our meal outside. The best part of our visit to this restaurant was that the meal arrived quickly and hot! When you’re famished, you’ll be ecstatic!

The food we ordered was of top quality. The vegetable spring rolls were perfect. The medium-spiced dish was delicious but not overpowering. The pineapple-cooked rice served alongside mock duck was ideal.

This is one of the best Lincoln NH restaurants to hit if you’re hungry and want to eat right away! They rarely have a wait and serve your food super fast.

12. El Charro

Paper Mill Dr, Lincoln, NH | Mexican, Vegetarian Friendly | 4.0 over 5 Google Rating (1,371reviews)

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: El Charro

As far as Mexican restaurants go, the El Charro is one of Lincoln’s best!

Outside dining and a pool table make this one of the top restaurants in Lincoln NH, for dining al fresco. If you’re looking for the classic Mexican restaurant with speedy service, El Charro is your place.

At El Charro, the atmosphere is upbeat. Lights and decorations hang from the ceiling and brilliant walls in the space. Plus, the cuisine is on beautiful platters that are a sight to behold. There’s also a margarita tavern where you can get any flavor. The margaritas are delicious!

The entrees on the list are slightly pricey due to their quality. Among the offerings are quesadillas, tacos, fajitas, tostadas, and much more. There are also several salads on the menu.

The chips and salsa were supplied fresh and hot. The salsa had a nice balance of sweetness and spiciness, making it an excellent dish. Servers automatically replenish your chips and drinks without needing to ask.

El Charro is the place to be if you love a laid-back atmosphere and want to sample Mexican delicacies! It’s one of the best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire for quick and delicious food.

11. El Greco’s Pizza

123 Main St, Lincoln, NH | Italian, Pizza, Vegetarian Friendly | 4.1 over 5 Google Rating (401 reviews)

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: El Greco's Pizza

Now and then, everyone craves a quick slice of pizza. El Greco’s Pizza in Lincoln is the city’s best pizzeria. Located in a quiet neighborhood, El Greco’s Pizza is a cozy pizzeria with outstanding food and service.

From the outside, it seems to be a classic pizzeria with a giant red sign. The atmosphere inside is just what you’d expect from a small-town pizza joint. The walls are bright yellow, the lighting is inviting, and there is plenty of space, even in booths. But the pizza itself is totally worth the trip!

Over the weekend, the parking lot fills up fast. You can go to the counter and order a pizza in-store or to-go! It’s one of the best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire for quick service on the go.

There are a variety of pizzas to choose from at the restaurant. You’ll be able to add any topping to your pizza, no matter what. Calzones are also an option if you’re not in the game for pizza.

We had Calzones, Garlic Bread with Cheese, Cheese Pizza, and Veggie Pizza for dinner. Our order arrived after a 20-minute wait.

One of our favorites was the Garlic Bread with Cheese. The thin-crust Calzones, Cheese Pizza, and Veggie Pizza were all excellent choices. The small calzone is good for two meals unless you’ve been exploring all day!

We had a wonderful time in this pizza restaurant, and the pizza was delicious. Stop by if you are in the zone!

10. One Love Brewery

25 S Mountain Dr, Lincoln, NH | American, Bar, Pub | 4.2 over 5 Google Rating (727 reviews)

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: One Love Brewery

Looking for a bit more of an experience after a day of activities? Head to One Love Brewery, one of the most popular restaurants in Lincoln NH.

A comprehensive bar and a wide selection of bottled beers are available at this brewery.

One Love Brewery is the place to go if you’re looking for a casual dining experience. You can find great pub meals in a classic German beer house at this rustic brewery. It’s almost as though New England got a taste of Germany!

It has an open layout with high ceilings and lights swinging from the top of the building. Due to the restaurant’s size, several original oak seats can fit a large gathering.

The menu includes everything from burgers to sandwiches to fish and chips. Poutine, chicken and waffles, gouda cheese pretzels, and even duck tacos are on the menu.

Due to the crowds, there’s usually a wait. You can hang out in the vast outside area, where there are several spots to relax to hang out.

The service was attentive and friendly. Live music and trivia elevate the dining experience on specific days of the week.

We highly recommend this restaurant if you’re in the area and looking for a place to eat and drink! It’s one of the best sit-down restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire and has awesome brews.

9. Nachos Mexican Grill and More

179 Main Street, Lincoln, NH | Quick Bites, Italian, Pizza | 4.6 over 5 Google Rating (4,901 reviews)

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: Nachos Mexican Grill and More

Nachos Mexican Grill and More turns nachos into a main dish by adding toppings. The original nachos come with fried corn tortilla chips, shredded cheese, and chopped jalapenos, but this meal has changed at the restaurant!

Besides the nachos, authentic Mexican cuisine and delicious margaritas are also available.

The three amigos, which we ordered, were incredible.  We had chicken enchiladas over rice and black beans, and the chicken and beef tacos with rice and beans were fantastic! The beef was well-seasoned, and the rice and beans were also excellent.

My friend ordered the combination fajita, and it was delicious. Our favorite drink was the margarita; it was terrific and reasonably priced for a vacation town. Everything we ate was delicious!

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: Nachos Mexican Grill and More

If you visit during the summer, we recommend you sit outdoors. This is one of the Lincoln New Hampshire restaurants with a super cute outdoor area!

We’ll be back and strongly encourage you to do the same!

8. La Vista Italian Restaurant

22 S Mountain Dr, Lincoln, NH | Italian, Pizza, Romana | 4.2 over 5 Google Rating (482 reviews)

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: La Vista Italian Restaurant

La Vista Italian Restaurant, located in Lincoln, New Hampshire’s RiverWalk Resort, serves up authentic Italian fare for the whole family. Up to 120 people can dine at this resort restaurant and bar in the hotel’s main lobby, adjacent to the front desk.

There are 18 seats in the main bar, decorated in traditional wood and marble style, and an additional eight chairs are available in the pizza bar. A pergola and booth seating beautify the main dining area and bigger seating space for large parties.

The wood-fired pizza oven at La Vista makes for some distinctive flatbread pizzas, appetizers, and sides. Every night of the week, the restaurant La Vista serves dinner that includes Italian and American fare.

Chef-inspired appetizers and dinners include steaks, shrimp carpaccio, Fra Diavolo, Fettuccine Alfredo, and Chicken Parmesan, to name a few. Also, the wine list at La Vista will have a good selection of Italian and American wines, including Seven Birches Winery, which is right next door to La Vista!

Apart from its Italian-inspired dishes and fresh bread baked daily, the restaurant’s culinary crew also focuses on using the best ingredients possible. The dessert option is not to be missed, as it is also freshly prepared on-site to give guests the most delectable conclusion to their dinner.

We had a wonderful time during our stay here. Generous servings, locally sourced products, friendly service, and highly comfortable seating make for an excellent breakfast and dinner experience.

The salmon we ordered was delicious, as were the pasta and meatballs that went along with it. Even the sweets were top-notch!

If you’re in the neighborhood, don’t miss this restaurant! It’s one of the best Lincoln NH restaurants for full-on sit-down dinner service, especially if you love Italian food.

7. Pub 32

264 Main St, Lincoln, NH | American, Bar, Pizza | 4.3 over 5 Google Rating (651 reviews)

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: Pub 32

Want to enjoy drinks and pizza with ice-cold beer or cocktails in a super casual, local setting? Look no further than Pub32!

This place is tucked away in a mall on Main Street. This hidden gem is a great find close to Loon Mountain. There is no better pizza in town than Pub32, which also serves panini sandwiches with chicken wings. The restaurant’s beer selection is excellent and ice-cold, with five beers on tap. Table service is also available in a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Guests of all ages will like it here. Kids can choose pizza of their preference, while grownups can select some beers on tap. There is also outdoor seating!

This restaurant has a wide range of listings. Its starters include boneless chicken, salad, and your grilled cheese sandwich. You will not run out of pizza choices as there are also listings from standard to advance pizza.

While we awaited the pizza, we drank and ate. Despite the bar’s charming appearance, the music was pumping.

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: Pub 32

Our nachos came with grilled chicken and a side of salsa. It had many toppings and was a good size for their pricing.

A Pepperoni and Cheese pizza, a Mushroom and Jalapeno pizza, and a Yard Sale pizza were among the three huge pizzas we ordered. They had a variety of meats and a nice chewy crust.

This restaurant is the spot for a takeout pizza if you’re in the vicinity! It’s one of the best local restaurants in Lincoln NH if you want the real experience.

6. Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta – Loon Mountain

25 S Mountain Dr. The Village Shops – 2nd Floor, Lincoln, NH | Italian | 4.6 over 5 Google Rating (396 reviews)

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta – Loon Mountain

Looking for incredible pasta and fresh seafood at a mountain-like location? This is one of the best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire for casual sit-down service with amazing food.

A superb Italian meal is a must-have for any food lover. Jimmy Seas, the famed Italian restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard now has a restaurant located in Lincoln, New Hampshire. This restaurant is one of the best and has a cool retro vibe.

Red-painted panels and bare wooden beams adorn the inside of this laid-back restaurant. The warm and inviting interior will help you feel like you’re dining with friends in someone’s home.

Take a bite out of legendary butternut squash pasta or Lobster Fra Diablo directly from the pan. Various types of wine, beer, and mixed drinks are available.

Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta’s pan pasta is unquestionably the most incredible option for pasta. These are primarily between $30 and $40, so it’s a more expensive restaurant, but it’s well worth it.

We ordered Zappa so Pesce, Chicken Gamberetto, and a chicken entrée with a cream sauce and tomatoes. They didn’t quite match our favorite Italian spots, but they’re still delicious meals!

For an authentic White Mountains Italian experience with a focus on fresh seafood, this place is well worth visiting again and again. The servings were enormous, and the chicken was perfect.

We also suggest trying linguini carbonara, shrimp garlic cream, or lobster ravioli for pan pasta flavors.

Jimmy Seas is unbeatable regarding taste, quality, and partitions. If you ever have the opportunity, visit it and come hungry!

5. Gordi’s Fish & Steak House

260 Main St, Lincoln, NH | American, Bar, Seafood | 4.2 over 5 Google Rating (2,043 reviews)

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: Gordi's Fish & Steak House

Gordi’s Fish & Steak House is another one of the excellent restaurant in the Lincoln New Hampshire, area for seafood lovers.

Located in the picturesque town of Lincoln, New Hampshire, Gordi’s has been in the Gordi family since 1986. A family-run business started by Olympic skiers, staff, and guests feel like part of the family when they spend time at the establishment.

There’s a touch of a pub vibe to the restaurant’s interior. Mementos and décor surround everything in the place, from the walls to the ceilings! The restaurant’s centerpiece is an enormous bar in the center of the space, which is hard to overlook.

There are few places in Lincoln where you can get a better steak than at this mid-range restaurant, which is well-known for its courteous staff and the quality of its food.

You’ll also find just about any classic steakhouse dish you can think of on the menu. Pretzels, bacon-wrapped scallops, and even crispy ham and cheese potato skins are all popular appetizers. Besides steak, soups, salads, and fish, there are also noodles, pasta, and more.

Overall, dining at Gordi is a pleasurable experience, and you shouldn’t miss it!

4. Gypsy Cafe

117 Main St, Lincoln, NH | Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options | 4.5 over 5 Google Rating (1,070 reviews)

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: Gypsy Cafe

The Gypsy Cafe serves tasty food in a pleasant atmosphere. Co-owned by award-renowned cook Dan Duris, the Gypsy has the best food and the most enjoyable atmosphere in the area to go along with it.

The food has Mexican vibes but is kind of unique and super delicious. Plus, the menu is huge!

It’s a cozy little spot with delicious food and the cutest outdoor dining! Plus, it’s right on the main street, making this one of the best Lincoln NH restaurants to stop by after a day of activities.

For something quick and homecooked, stop by this cafe, which has a beautiful menu and plenty of space to sit down to dine.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available at Gypsy Cafe. The menu is diverse, with items including stir fry, sandwiches, buns, quesadillas, or even burgers on offer!

Recipes are authentic and tried and true. The food is always ready with high-quality ingredients. When combined, these ingredients produce a flavorful dish.

Aside from the food, Gypsy Cafe’s colorful and zany decor is one of its most notable features. Vibrant green partitions, hardwood tables, and mismatched chairs add to the eclectic atmosphere.

There’s also a lovely terrace outside with chairs and tables viewing the mountain range!

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at this restaurant. We sat inside the A/C because it was too hot to sit outside. The staff, from the receiver to the server to the owner, were all kind and friendly.

We were pleased to find various vegetarian options on the menu, including falafel, pad Thai, and fascinating appetizers and salads.

It was a no-brainer for us to order nachos and quesadillas with mushrooms. Everything was hot and delicious when it arrived!

If you’re in the region, you should check out this little gem!

3. Flapjacks

149 Main St, Lincoln, NH | American, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options | 4.7 over 5 Google Rating (1,322 reviews)

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: Flapjacks

Flapjack’s Pancake House is the place to go for substantial, classic country breakfasts.

Known as the “Best Breakfast in the White Mountains,” expect a long line when you visit the restaurant, although it is worth the wait.

Their fresh buttermilk crepes and french toast have been a fan delight ever since, wowing consumers over their unique zany creations.

Also, skiers and climbers have been frequenting this restaurant for years to treat themselves to a tasty pancake to reward their efforts.

Various pancakes are available, including blueberry, chocolate chip, and peanut butter cups. Pumpkin pie pancakes are also a seasonal treat.

Are pancakes not your thing? It’s fine. Breakfast plates, scrambled eggs, French toast, and morning sandwiches are available at Flap Jack’s, a great place to start the day.

Flap Jack’s provides a variety of morning cocktails aside from the typical coffee, tea, and juice options. You can try cocktails such as the bloody mary or the mimosa with various ingredients, such as wine and ruby red grapefruit juice.

On one of our mornings in Lincoln, New Hampshire, we ate at Flapjacks for a quick breakfast. The fare was brilliant, as was the service. The pancakes with maple butter and authentic maple syrup were terrific!

The omelet was also excellent. It was complete with a plethora of healthy vegetables. The red bliss homefries, cooked from scratch, were also fantastic!

A miniature train runs around the ceiling, there are t-shirts and some humorous walk art, and it’s all quite fascinating. This restaurant is worth visiting for a modest but yummy breakfast amid the gorgeous white mountains!

2. The Common Man

10 Pollard Rd, Lincoln, NH | American, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options | 4.6 over 5 Google Rating (2,396 reviews)

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: The Common Man

Lincoln, New Hampshire’s Common Man, serves some of the best food in northern New Hampshire to those who live, visit, or travel through the area. Since 1985, the restaurant has become a popular destination for locals and tourists.

The Common Man delivers essential American cuisine. Its cozy and rustic environment makes it one of the most famous places to eat.

You can enjoy dinner in The Common Man’s dining room or Bar ‘n grill. This restaurant is a must-visit location with a fieldstone fireplace, comfy couches, and a selection of board games.

Nantucket Pie, Baked Macaroni and Cheese, and Crab Cakes voted Best of NH by New Hampshire Magazine readers are just a few of the delectable dishes you’ll find in this restaurant.

Also, there is plenty to like about this restaurant’s interior design. Twinkle lights add to the ambiance by illuminating the stone walls and wooden beams across the ceiling. Aside from the indoor seats, there is also outside seating.

They serve several of the best meals at restaurants in Lincoln NH, although their menu is on the smaller side. To start, try the bacon caramelized onion dip, shrimp in bacon wraps, or the classic lobster corn chowder. You’ll have a wonderful time regardless of what you choose from the menu!

We had to wait for several minutes when we arrived due to the crowd. We had steak with baked green beans and a tasty blue cheese wedge salad. The well-done prime rib end cut and great mashed potatoes are something you can enjoy along with their decent drinks!

Overall, this restaurant’s spacious area, great staff, and delicious meals make it an excellent stop for dining!

1. Black Mtn. Burger Co.

264 Main St, Lincoln, NH | Grill, Pub, Vegan Options | 4.5 over 5 Google Rating (3,368 reviews)

The best restaurants in Lincoln New Hampshire: Black Mtn. Burger Co.

After an extensive day of skiing in the White Mountains, it’s nice to reward yourself with a burger and a drink before heading back home.

No matter what time of year, the restaurant has a huge crowd, thanks to its staff’s hard work and dedication. Even if you only have time for lunch, the restaurant’s kind and committed team will ensure that you have a wonderful dining experience.

Specialty burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, salads, mac n’ cheese, and chili are all on the menu at Black Mountain Burger Co., along with various microbrews, wine, and fresh margaritas.

Black Mountain’s Brie and Bacon Burger, which can be ordered gluten-free upon request, is a fan favorite. The Turkey Rueben and Crabby Sammie sandwiches, hot dogs, and sausages are also available.

Fried Mac N Cheese Balls are the restaurant’s recommended appetizer. Soups such as Angus Beef and Bean Chili are available in-house.

You don’t need to drive much further to relieve your hunger pangs. There is nothing else like Black Mountain regarding food and hospitality.

The restaurant was packed but not overcrowded when we arrived for dinner. It only needed a few minutes to set up a table, and their SMS notification system functioned perfectly in that time frame.

We decided on the Black Mountain Salad and the Brie and Bacon Burger. Tossing the pineapple and cranberries in an orange vinaigrette with maple mayonnaise as a potato waffle fry sauce was delicious and subtle.

You cannot go wrong with any selections you make in this restaurant!

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