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The 28 Best Breweries in Vermont For Amazing Brews

If you want to go on a beer tour, Vermont is the place to be. The state is home to some of the best breweries in the country. From craft brews to various types, there are tons of incredible breweries in Vermont that you won’t want to miss!

Despite its modest size, Vermont is one of the states with the highest number of breweries per capita. This state has numerous traditional craft, microbreweries, and brewpub breweries. It also produces beers, including IPAs, ales, stouts, etc.

The craft movement is thriving in Vermont with art, food, and beer. We’ve compiled a complete list of Vermont’s most excellent breweries to give you a clear guide for tasting beer in this great state.

Here are the best breweries in Vermont to visit on your next road trip!

28. Lawson’s Finest Liquids

155 Carroll Road Waitsfield, Vermont | (802) 496-4677

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Lawson’s Finest Liquids is a prominent Vermont brewery that distinguishes its extensive selection of beers and family-oriented themes. It was opened in 2008 by the husband-and-wife combination of Sean and Karen Lawson. This brewery is renowned for its maple stouts brewed from Vermont maple syrup, distinguishing it from other current craft breweries.

In addition to its hop-forward Super Session and Sip of Sunshine beers, Lawson’s Finest Liquids is renowned for its hop-forward beers. They produce tasty and popular beers, but their community involvement has attracted many beer enthusiasts. This is one of our favorite breweries in Vermont based on taste alone!

27. Hill Farmstead Brewery

403 Hill Rd Greensboro, VT 05842 | (802) 533-7450

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Nobody can discuss brewing in Vermont without mentioning Hill Farmstead Brewery, regarded as one of the greatest breweries in Vermont and even in the country. It’s on the outskirts of Greensboro, Vermont.

Shaun Hill, whose family has lived in Vermont for over two centuries, founded it. His great-great-great-pub grandfather’s grandfather exhibited a sign in the early 1800s, which inspired the brewery’s logo. Since its founding, Hill Farmstead Brewery has gained immense popularity.

It consists of a taproom and a store that sells beer bottles. Their beers have names derived from family members, making them stand out. A couple of examples include Mary, a pilsner, and Edward, a pale ale. Also, they provide unique beers such as Twilight of the Idols, a winter porter brewed with coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla beans.

They’re most known for Edward, a beer named for their grandpa, who owned the brewery’s land. This Pale Ale is unfiltered and dry-hopped, with citrus and pine scents and flavors.

Like a typical German Helles, go for the Mary, named after their grandmother. This smooth and light beer is ideal for daytime consumption.

26. Zero Gravity Craft Brewery

716 Pine St Burlington, VT 05401 | (802) 497-0054

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Zero Gravity Brewing is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known breweries in Vermont.

This renowned brewery, situated in the center of the state’s largest city near Lake Champlain, tops numerous lists of the most delicate things to do in Burlington.

Since its creation in 2004, the brewery has expanded and relocated to a South End site in Burlington, having occupied the American Flatbread restaurant in the city.

Today, the brewery provides a variety of tasty beers, such as pilsners, pale ales, lagers, and India pale ales (IPAs).

Popular Vermont-flavored craft beers include the Green State Lager and the Conehead IPA.

25. Red Clover Ale

43 Center St Brandon, VT 05733 | 802) 465-8412

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Vermont’s Red Clover Ale Co. is one of the newer Vermont breweries. However, it’s already one of the best breweries in Vermont by far! Three brothers-in-law founded the brewery and drew on their family history to develop beers utilizing local recipes and ingredients.

Hazy IPAs are their most popular beer, but they also have a wide selection of outstanding beers on tap, including Vienna lager and New England IPAs, so beer enthusiasts can easily find something. Despite its small size, this artisan brewery has a lot of potential and promises excellent future brews.

There is a selection of specialty-brewed beers to satisfy the diverse preferences of medium to big groups. The Lemon Saison offered a delightful, ginger-infused chill.

Someone paid immediate care to the details, as evidenced by the hand-carved tap handles, live-edge tables, and hand-painted Red Clover wall stencils. Various group-friendly board games are available while listening to the adjacent waterfall in the background.

24. Foam Brewers

112 Lake St Burlington, VT 05401 | (802) 399-2511

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Even though Foam Brewers has only existed since 2016, cofounder Todd Haire, formerly the chief brewer at Magic Hat, has been in the industry for much longer. Foam won a spot on RateBeer’s list of the top 10 new brewers in 2017 due to Haire and his team’s use of locally sourced ingredients to produce an ever-changing and inventive lineup of brews.

The expansive outdoor patio of Foam Brewers’ Waterfront tavern, which overlooks Lake Champlain, provides both views and beer. On tap are beers ranging from the dry-hopped, easy-drinking pale ale, Sun in the Sky, to the unique dragon fruit and grapefruit, Alien Observer, best renowned for its hoppy ales and sours.

You’ll enjoy the ample space here. It provides outdoor seats in the front and back of the brewery, high-top indoor seating, bar service, etc.

This Vermont brewery is a must-visit!

23. Lost Nation Brewing

87 Old Creamery Rd Morrisville, VT 05661 | (802) 851-8041

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

During your time in Morrisville, you should also visit Lost Nation Brewing. The brewers focus on session-able and easy-drinking beers. In addition, they draw inspiration from lesser-known European beer varieties, bringing age-old traditions to Northern Vermont.

The ambiance is rustic and welcoming. The soup-and-grilled cheese sandwich, the tempeh Ruben sandwich, and the Vermont patty melt are a few local seasonal food favorites.

In 2013, Allen and Jamie founded Lost Nation Brewing after years of developing their craft as head brewers at some of Northern Vermont’s finest breweries. They endeavored to revive lost lager and ale flavors and traditions using state-of-the-art equipment.

They produce high-quality artisan beer in small batches using conventional techniques. Its Tap Room offers samples of its beers, rotating guest beers and ciders, and non-alcoholic draft options like local root beer and organic kombucha. In addition, the exceptional weekly changing menu is economically priced and prepared with creativity and skill by their chef.

Their Gose with sea salt and coriander is well balanced. It is incredibly refreshing. It is also worth tasting their Mosaic IPA, which has a clean, crisp, and refreshing flavor.

Also, they offer classic and rustic beer varieties and have a solid commitment to their customers, making them one of the most outstanding brewers on our list. Come in for a few pints and a delicious dinner, then take home some shelf-stable growlers of fresh beer to enjoy in the evening.

22. Long Trail Brewing

5520 US Rte 4 Bridgewater, VT 05035 | (802) 672-5011

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Long Trail Brewing first opened its doors in 1989, making it one of the oldest breweries in Vermont. Andy Pherson founded this high-quality craft brewery.

Since 1989, it has been a part of the Vermont brewing landscape, celebrating the outdoorsy spirit of hikers. A 273-mile hiking trail across the Green Mountains inspired his brewery’s creations, including large-scale staples and small-batch specialties. It’s a local favorite because you can drink beer while listening to local artists and taking in the sights of the Ottauquechee River.

It has been their most popular beer since they were known as Mountain Brewers. This golden brew has malty, mild, and sweet characteristics.

The VT IPA contains pineapple, mango, and orange flavors with a low bitterness. It resembles the legendary New England India Pale Ales for which Vermont is recognized.

This company values its clients’ experiences and produces excellent beer and a memorable brewery tours. The store is well-stocked with all your favorite beers offered by the case, six-pack, or individual bottles.

Therefore, if you are in Vermont, you should not pass up the opportunity to visit and sample its beers.

21. Black Flannel Brewing

21 Essex Way Ste 201 Essex Junction, VT 05452 | (802) 857-5629

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Black Flannel Brewing is one of the only breweries in Vermont that offer instructional courses about beer, focusing on supporting authentic craft steeped in tradition.

From courses on how to correctly taste-test beer to talks on the history of brewing and debates on the brewing process, patrons of this brewery can do much more than drink beer.

Thus, you should not miss the opportunity to sample their craft beers.

Here you will find IPAs, stouts, pale ales, pilsners, porters, lagers, and several other beers with various characteristics.

This brewery in Essex also offers a selection of specialty cocktails, wines, ciders, distilled spirits, and pub fares, such as burgers, fries, and fish & chips.

20. Frost Beer Works

171 Commerce St Hinesburg, VT 05461 | (949) 945-4064

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Frost Beer Works, located in a nondescript building in the town of Hinesburg, just outside the greater Burlington area, is one of the state’s unheralded breweries, producing delicious beverages in relative anonymity.

The brewery specializes in pale ales, such as the juicy Plush Double IPA and the Pale Ale, but typically offers stouts, porters, and blonde ales.

Due to its proximity to the brewery, the taproom is a beautiful place to spend a weekend afternoon.

19. Von Trapp Brewing Bierhall Restaurant

1333 Luce Hill Rd Stowe, VT 05672 | (802) 253-5750

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Yes, that’s right, the von Trapps, the musical family who inspired Julie Andrews’ film The Sound of Music. After arriving in the United States, they lived in Stowe, where they opened a summer camp, which grew into a lodge and eventually a brewery in 2010.

The Von Trapp Brewery, located in a large bierhall across the street from the hotel, specializes in German and Austrian-style lagers and pilsners, including its award-winning Bohemian pilsner, Golden Helles, and Dunkel brown lager.

Their beers go well with the menu’s Bavarian and American fare mix, including hamburgers made with meat from cattle grazing on the von Trapp property. It’s worth a brief drive up to the main lodge once you’ve filled up wursts and weissbier. The view from the hill indicates that the surrounding hills are very much alive.

18. Fiddlehead Brewing Company

6305 Shelburne Road Shelburne, VT 05482 | (802) 399-2994

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Fiddlehead Brewing is a favorite among beer enthusiasts in the charming village of Shelburne. Visit the tasting room for complimentary samples of the beers on tap. The Fiddlehead IPA is the flagship beer, so try it. It is also an excellent location for filling growlers, but specialized canned beers tend to sell out quickly.

The ideal location is inside the community. The staff is exceptionally competent and accommodating. The ambiance is nice, and the parking is simple. Excellent stop on the journey!

Also, the pizza is just next door. Here, you would not ask for more!

17. River Roost Brewery

230 S Main St White River Junction, VT 05001 | (802) 698-8715

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

River Roost Brewery has ties to Magic Hat Brewery, created by Mark Babson, who previously owned and operated Magic Hat and was a brewer there. Their smoked brown ales and barrel-aged stouts are well-known. Vermont residents are particularly fond of their India Pale Ales.

It is one of the breweries in Southern Vermont, and its NEIPAs are well-known. But they perform admirably! They aim to produce tasty, hoppy, and aromatic beers, which they have accomplished here.

River Roost is located in White River Junction and is always available to purchase your preferred beer. A little taproom is adjacent to the brewery, making it a fun spot to visit.

River Roost hit the spot after a long day and before retiring for the evening. They offer various sitting options, including a bar and standard and tall tables and chairs, and sofa seats further from the stage area and close to an attractive fireplace.

16. Magic Hat Brewing Company

5 Bartlett Bay Rd, South Burlington, VT 05403 | (802) 658-2739

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

The Magic Hat Brewing Company is so well-known in Vermont that former employees created several of the other top breweries. Additionally, it is the largest brewery in Vermont, producing more than 175,000 barrels annually.

You can tour the South Burlington enterprise to learn about its history, brewery operation, and antiques. You may be able to travel to the brewery and sample three beers.

Magic Hat is a creative and entertaining brewery. The area is a visual and imaginative feast. You can find most of the draft beers in stores, which adds to the enjoyment and novelty of a visit.

They also offer growler fills and cans to go.

It is close to the heart of Burlington, so check it out!

15. Bent Hill Brewery

1972 Bent Hill Rd, Braintree, VT 05060 | (802) 565-5103

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Bent Hill Brewery is one of the few breweries in Vermont that only serves vegetarian food.

This unique brewery is on a farm in Braintree. It has a menu that doesn’t include meat and uses produce grown right on its property.

Here you can get a variety of popular snacks, like white bean burgers, flatbread pizzas, falafel salads, and apple crisps.

Of course, you should also try their craft beer.

The brews here are inventive and tasty, thanks to farm-grown ingredients and well-drawn water.

There are many different kinds of beer to choose from, like double IPAs, red ales, barrel-aged goses, and scotch ales.

You’ll also have a limited selection of local wines, including chardonnays with honey and merlots with berry flavors.

So if you are a beer enthusiast and a vegetarian, you will enjoy this location!

14. Hermit Thrush Brewery

29 High St Ste 101C Brattleboro, VT 05301 | (802) 257-2337

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Hermit Thrush is another Vermont brewery on our list, and this one specializes in sour beers made entirely with wild yeast. The beers are also barrel-aged to give them a distinctive Vermont flavor. They always have a large selection of sour beers on tap.

Start with the Party Jam series, kettle-soured beers made with blueberry, mango, and other fruits, and local shops if you’re new to Hermit Thrush. However, beer fans will adore the Rowdy Monk sour brown beer, made for 12 to 18 months in Scotch and red wine barrels.

If you’re ever in Brattleboro, this is a fantastic place to pick up some beers to take home or on the road.

13. Foley Brothers Brewing

79 Stone Mill Dam Rd Brandon, VT 05733 | (802) 465-8413

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Foley Brothers Brewing, located in Brandon, Vermont, is excellent for individuals who want to sample beer and wine in one location. The Foley Brothers also own and operate the Neshobe River Winery.

You’ll be able to sample small-batch beers, particularly IPAs when you visit the brewery. Decided Funk #3, a great beer on their tap roster, is one of the company’s best brews. It’s a black sour ale matured in barrels that used to hold wine. The Inn at Neshobe River is an excellent place to stay if you wish to visit the brewery.

They have a $5 sample of the beers on tap, making some fantastic brews. They also fill growlers and sell bombers at a reasonable price.

From their Fair Maiden DIPA to Maple Brown Ale, everything was terrific.

Check out Neshobe River Winery, It’s where the Foley Brothers used to work, and the Foley family still owns it.

There is a golf course behind the brewpub, which provides a lovely view.

It is a must-see if you’re in the region or willing to take a detour on your way back south.

12. The Bobcat Cafe and Brewery

5 Main St Bristol, VT 05443 | (802) 453-3311

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

The Bobcat Café and Brewery is another famous Vermont brewery that dates back to 2002, making it one of its oldest. It combines a café with its brewery to create an excellent area for all beer enthusiasts to visit and enjoy. Their beers are brewed and presented with well-matched dishes.

Craft beers, including IPAs, pale ales, and pilsners, may be found here as a variety of unique drinks.

They serve a mix of traditional American fare with a few modern twists on the classics. The Bobcat Burger, Chicken Tacos, Farm Salad, Clam Chowder, and Chicken Wings are some of the most popular items on the menu.

It is modest, rustic, and has an unparalleled feel. The drinks and meals are of outstanding quality, and the value is fantastic.

11. Whetstone Station

36 Bridge St Brattleboro, VT 05301 | (802) 490-2354

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery is an additional brewery in Vermont that focuses heavily on the local community. It is located on the Connecticut River in Vermont and features a rooftop and deck beer garden where visitors can enjoy drinks while taking in the scenery.

In addition to its craft brews, the Whetstone Station Restaurant offers a variety of delectable dishes that go well with its beers. The on-site brewery may appear negligible, yet they produce numerous great brews through frequent experimentation.

This place offers fantastic meals, a gorgeous view, and exceptional service. Try it!

10. Drop-In Brewing Company

610 Rt 7 S Middlebury, VT 05753 | (802) 989-7414  

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Middlebury is the location of The Drop-In Brewing Company, which was formed in 2012. The artisan brewery owned by Christine Mckeever Parkes and Steve Parkes is well-known. The tasting room of the brewery is open daily. However, it only sells kegs of beer. It also operates the American Brewers Guild, a craft brewing school.

One of its most popular brews is Sunshine and Hoppiness, a Belgian-style golden ale that serves as the brewery’s flagship. Additionally, you can sample the Fetchez La Vache, a luscious milk stout. The Chicharito, a pale ale with overtones of vanilla and chocolate, is another option.

9. Idletyme Brewing Company

1859 Mountain Rd Stowe, VT 05672 | (802) 253-4765

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Idletyme Brewing Company is another brewery in Stowe worth visiting because of its primary and seasonal beer and food menu. You can try beers in flights, pints, growlers, and bottles, and the Idletyme Double IPA is a popular selection.

This place has everything! After a long journey, Idletyme Brewing Company is a lovely place to relax, thanks to its fish & chips and large outside dining and bar.

If you are in Vermont, do not pass up the opportunity to see this location. It will be a fantastic spot to socialize and have fun!

8. Otter Creek Brewing

793 Exchange St, Middlebury, VT 05753 | (802) 388-0727

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Otter Creek Brewing has taken the most steps to “go green” among Vermont breweries that aim to promote sustainable practices.

The brewery is proud to operate as sustainably as possible.

This brewery produces all its beers in small amounts using natural Vermont water, domestic grains and hops, and top-fermenting yeast.

It has resulted in several partnerships with local farmers that allow brewery waste to convert into fertilizer and feed for local dairy cows.

In light of its meticulous practices, it should be no surprise that the brewery’s beers are also meticulously made.

Otter Creek Brewing creates a collection of expertly crafted beers with various flavors, including IPAs, pale ales, and sours.

Overall, a fine spot to stop for a beer and a snack!

7. 14th Star Brewery

133 N Main St Ste 7 Saint Albans, VT 05478 | (802) 528-5988

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Two Vermont soldiers conceived of 14th Star Brewery on the battlefields of Afghanistan under the phrase “brewed with a mission.”

In 2012, they opened a brewery in downtown St. Albans after developing a business plan overseas and putting their aspirations into action upon returning home.

Their year-round core beers, which include a selection of hops IPAs, dark stouts, and light ales, are their most well-known products.

A few seasonal and limited-edition beers with innovative flavors, such as Raspberry Weiss and Honey Kolsch, are also available.

To help warriors and their families, the brewery provides a portion of its revenues.

We’re confident you won’t regret visiting this location.

6. Beer Naked Brewery

7678 Vermont Rte 9 Marlboro, VT 05344 | (802) 464-7702

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Beer Naked Brewery, located on top of Hogback Mountain in Marlboro, is widely regarded as one of Vermont’s most spectacular breweries.

This brewery provides a range of local artisan beers, ciders, and wines while offering magnificent views of the Vermont countryside.

The Maple Brown Ale, Lucid Dreams IPA, and Sour Cherry beer are also popular.

It’s irresponsible not to mention that their pizza is wood-fired.

Served through the attached Pizzapalooza restaurant, this establishment’s pizza is equally good as its beer.

If you’re lucky, one of their many community events, such as live music, yoga classes, and other activities, will coincide with your visit.

5. Brocklebank Craft Brewing

357 Dickerman Hill Rd, Chelsea, VT 05038 | (802) 685-4838

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Brocklebank Craft Brewing is a 1.5-barrel nano craft brewery renowned for its IPAs, stouts, pilsners, and fruit beers.

Its petite size lends itself to experimentation with various flavors and combinations.

As a result, the menu is continuously changing, so you never know what you’ll find when you arrive; nonetheless, each visit to this brewery is enjoyable, new, and unique.

In addition to its inventive beers, the brewpub is an active member of the Chelsea and Tunbridge communities.

The owners participate in the organization of the annual Vermont Nanobrewery Festival, held annually at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds. It is a fantastic festival to attend if you’re looking for smaller, lesser-known Vermont beers.

4. 1st Republic Brewing Company

39 River Rd Ste 6 Essex Junction, VT 05452 | (802) 857-5318

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

In Essex Junction, just outside Burlington, 1st Republic Brewing Company produces some of the finest craft beer in Vermont.

The company, owned and operated by veterans, has been named one of the state’s top small businesses.

Among other varieties, you may discover IPAs, pale ales, porters, pilsners, and lagers here.

In addition, they provide a vast array of inventive flavors, including caramel and coffee-flavored porters, mango IPAs, and sour raspberry beer.

The brewery is well-known for sponsoring several community activities, including karaoke, open mic nights, movie screenings, live music, and food truck gatherings.

3. Burlington Beer Company

180 Flynn Ave Burlington, VT 05401 | (802) 863-2337

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

The Burlington Beer Company is another popular hangout for visitors to Burlington.

This brewery, which produces upwards of 75 distinct types of beer each year, is one of the most diversified in Vermont.

IPAs, double and triple IPAs, porters, lagers, brown beers, pale ales, stouts, double stouts, and barrel-aged stouts, to name a few, can all be found here.

Its vast food menu includes bar snacks, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, entrees, sides, and desserts.

Poutine, chicken wings, hamburgers, and pretzel bits are among the most popular items on their menu.

The brewery itself is spacious, open, and entertaining, with music playing (and albums available for perusal), a ping pong table, and a sign that reads “stay and play!”

We strongly recommend you to visit, sample the excellent craft brews, and play numerous games.

2. Dirt Church Brewing Co.

1771 VT Route 114 East Haven, VT 05837 | (802) 745-9252

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

Dirt Church Brewing Co is a newly opened brewery in the middle of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom that offers craft beer, private events, and scheduled mountain bike adventures.

This brewhouse, which opened in August of 2021, offers a wide range of beers, including IPAs, double IPAs, porters, and infused ales.

You can get on your bike and join them for their monthly group gravel ride while you’re not drinking beer here.

This adventure takes place on the first Sunday of every month and includes miles of Vermont landscape and celebratory beer!

Don’t forget to overlook the on-site chapel. You can rent this modest church for private and community gatherings, dating back to 1876.

1. The Alchemist

100 Cottage Club Road Stowe, VT 05672 | (802) 244-744

Best breweries in Vermont | Top Vermont breweries to visit during your Vermont vacation

The Alchemist tops the list! This establishment attracts visitors from throughout the nation to enjoy its delicious Heady Topper. It is a delightful double India Pale Ale with citrusy and tropical fruit notes.

Beer enthusiasts adore The Alchemist for its commitment to authenticity and family-run vibe.

Although Heady Toppers receives all the attention, you shouldn’t overlook their other beers.

Next in terms of popularity is Focal Banger. The other signature beer is smooth, sweet, piney, and citrusy. You will adore it. Farmer’s Daughter is a Belgian-style Saison that is also noteworthy. You can stop by for a sample, a full glass, or take some home.

In Closing

When you visit Vermont, you may now sample a variety of beers. Some of these breweries also have restaurants where you can eat quality food. Their cuisine selections complement the beers provided, allowing beer connoisseurs to enjoy delectable pairings without thinking too hard about it.

Vermont breweries are distinctive, one-of-a-kind, and worth a visit! You will regret not sampling some renowned breweries in this state!

If you find yourself in Vermont, you can visit any of the top breweries on our list and enjoy the complete brewing experience for a lengthy vacation.

We hope you liked reading our list of the top breweries in Vermont to visit. It is one of the reasons why the American craft beer scene has continued to ascend to new heights. If you haven’t yet, you should definitely add some of these Vermont breweries to your Vermont bucket list!

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