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The Ultimate Guide to Quechee Gorge in Vermont

Heading to Quechee Gorge in Vermont? We’ve got you covered! We’ll go over every aspect of visiting Quechee Gorge, from hiking and trails to hotels, restaurants, and more.

Quechee Gorge in Vermont has long been a popular destination for those seeking the best in northern American outdoor recreation. Visitors can enjoy the stunning scenery and various outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, and more.

Plus, the Quechee Gorge trail provides breathtaking vistas of cascades, rivers, and the (gorgeous) changing hues of the leaves in the autumn.

It doesn’t get more daring than Quechee Gorge for outdoor photography, river rafting, or simply a different hiking experience. The best part is that you can see the gorge from several places in the State Park, including numerous sections of US Route 4.

If you don’t have much time, we recommend you head straight to the Quechee Gorge bridge to check out the incredible views. But if you even have half a day, it’s totally worth it to go on a hike in Quechee State Park because the scenery is just so beautiful!

BTW, if you’re planning to hike, you’ll definitely want to download the AllTrails app or use the site. We do our best to keep our pages updated, but with the crazy flooding in Vermont, trails are opening and closing constantly. The app is the most reliable source of info at any given time.

We’ve got you covered if you’re planning a trip to Quechee Gorge in Vermont! Read on for our local tips and tricks.

Overview of Quechee State Park

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

Before we head into the details about the Quechee Gorge in Vermont, let’s go over a bit about Quechee State Park. 

Quechee State Park is a popular tourist attraction because of its location on US Route 4 and proximity to other upper-valley attractions.

The A. G. Dewey Company, a significant wool producer in the 19th century, used to own the area where the park now stands. After moving to the Quechee area, Mr. Dewey established a woolen mill in 1869.

The Quechee Gorge, located in Quechee State Park, draws thousands of tourists yearly who marvel at the beautiful sights. Campsites are available for overnight guests, and the park’s location is super convenient for those who stay overnight.

The park’s centerpiece is Vermont’s deepest gorge, carved out by glaciers around 13,000 years ago. One hundred sixty-five feet below, the Ottauquechee River can be seen from various vantage points along Route 4.

Campers can choose from 45 tent/RV sites and seven lean-to sites in the camping area. The campground has two restrooms with flush toilets, running water, and coin-operated hot showers. Large RVs can fit comfortably on most sites.

Park interpreters also offer fun, hands-on activities at Quechee State Park. Some popular events are night treks, outdoor crafts and games, campfire programs, and wildlife sightings.

How To Get To Quechee State Park

Getting to Quechee State Park to enjoy Vermont’s Quechee Gorge and other nearby activities is a breeze.

From Jct. I-89 and US 4 Exit 1, you will need to drive about 3 miles west. You will reach US Route 4 and immediately see the upper valley attractions.

Parking is also abundant in the area. You can park near the Quechee Gorge Visitor Center or the campsites. There is also an extra parking space nearby the park’s office if other parking lots are unavailable.

Fees and Passes For Quechee State Park

Vermont’s state parks depend on user charges for daily operations and maintenance, including Quechee State Park.

Seasonal passes for a vehicle or an individual are both viable options for accessing the parks at a reduced rate.

If you’re looking for a means to save money when visiting the parks, punch cards are an option that will never expire.

As of this writing, youngsters 4 to 13 years old costs $2 and $4 for adults over 14 to enter throughout the day. There is no access fee for children under three who an adult accompanies.

A 10-punch card and an individual pass for the season cost $30 each. As an alternative, a car pass is available at $90.

You’ll save money if you’re visiting in a group of at least 25. Adults pay $3 per person over 14; children under the age of 4 pay $2. You must make a single payment at the time of the transaction.

Discounts are also available for school and municipal recreation groups.

A $0.5 per person fee for school groups is valid throughout the school year. At the same time, a municipal recreation group pass is $150 per month for the initial 50 people, including staff and drivers.

Best Time to Visit Quechee Gorge In Vermont at Quechee State Park

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

A day excursion to the Quechee Gorge or a more extended stay filled with hiking and sightseeing are both ideal. The Quechee Gorge is a must-see Vermont natural beauty, regardless of the season: winter, spring, summer, or fall.

There will be fewer visitors to the gorge in the winter. BUT the combination of the frozen water and snow with the woodlands in the vicinity is beautiful.

Spring is the hectic time of year for the park. The Quechee Gorge and its accompanying fishing opportunities draw many visitors. Trouts thrive during this time, so do not forget your fishing gear if you plan to go this season.

Summer is also a typical time to see the gorge and other local sites. If you prefer to visit around this time of year, you can expect a lot of traffic and parking issues.

Beautiful fall foliage is a well-known feature of Vermont. It is especially true at Quechee Gorge State Park in Vermont. During this time of year, the stunning Quechee Gorge and its environs come to life in a kaleidoscope of hues.

Fall is our preferred time of year to visit the gorge. However, because the park and the surrounding area are pleasant all year round, you can see it at any time depending on the activities you intend to do.

What You Need To Know About Visiting Quechee Gorge: Vermont’s Little Grand Canyon

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

Ready to take on Quechee Gorge? Surprisingly, many people don’t know about Vermont’s Quechee Gorge, and it’s among the most spectacular in the eastern part of America.

It’s seriously beautiful and is totally worth the visit. Whether it is the razor-sharp cliffside or the terrifying river flowing below, travelers can’t get enough of this experience.

The gorge is the deepest in Vermont, measuring 165 feet below ground level. It is a major tourist attraction at Quechee State Park, and you can view it from the US Route 4 bridge or a hiking route.

The Ottauquechee River runs through the gorge’s floor, making it a visitor’s favorite swimming spot.

Visitors can get the best sights from the bridge. But it’s not recommended for people afraid of heights, as the middle of the bridge provides a clear sight of the gushing waters below. And it’s seriously tall!

Apart from enjoying the stunning views at Ottaquechee River Bridge, you can also stop for a picnic in the park’s lush greenery. Hiking and walking the mile-long chasm route is also famous for those who want to stay fit. A short walk will take you to Quechee Gorge Village, 25,000 Gifts, and Quechee State Park.

Quechee Gorge Bridge

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

If you want to oversee the natural beauty of Quechee Gorge from the best vantage point, head to the Quechee Gorge Bridge.

Access to the bridge is easy, and the view is spectacular from above. Visitors are always impressed by the sights from this bridge, which are among the greatest in the state.

To get to the Quechee Gorge bridge, you must pass by the visitor center. You’ll see signs as you drive by the visitor center that takes you to the Quechee Gorge bridge. This bridge is easy to locate, and there is parking at the other end of the bridge.

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

Views are breathtaking as you cross the bridge, which is a short distance from the center. It’s easy to look down and see the gorge from the bridge. The best view of the gorge is from the Quechee Gorge bridge, plus it’s less strenuous than any of the hikes.

Hiking Quechee Gorge

Another option to enjoy the beauty of Quechee Gorge, other than the Quechee Gorge bridge, is to go hiking.

You might think that all the trails in Quechee Gorge National Park are difficult, but that’s not always true. With good shoes and trekking poles, hikers will find it easy to get to the bottom of the canyon.

Several trails lead to the bottom of Quechee Gorge including the Quechee Gorge Trail, Visitor Center Spur Path, and Long Run Meadow Skit Trail.

Quechee Gorge Trail

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

Starting at the visitor center (just past the boat launch), you can take the Quechee Gorge Trail, the first trail you’ll encounter on your journey to Quechee Gorge. This is an easy trail that’s just over a mile. There are great places to swim along the Quechee Gorge Trail making it perfect for families.

If it’s your first time visiting Quechee State Park, we recommend doing this trail and then heading to the Quechee Gorge bridge to check out the views.

A side route winding through the woods leads to the primary Quechee Gorge Trail, which you can access via the visitor center’s rear exit.

On this trail, you’ll be strolling under the cover of trees for less than a mile. The course is marked so that you won’t get lost.

We recommend using the AllTrails app for specifics once you arrive.

Visitor Center Spur Path

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

There are a few waterfalls and Dewey’s Mill Pond on this easy hike along Quechee Gorge. If you would just like to explore the Gorge area, you can easily skip exploring the river, meadows, and woods along the Ottauquechee.

This is a 4.5 easy-to-intermediate hike, making it a great way to spend your morning or afternoon.

To get going on the Visitors Center Spur Path, start at the visitor center and follow the spur trail that begins behind the building. This will lead you along the main trail to the gorge.

Along the way, you’ll enjoy the gorge’s view from the high vantage point of the bridge, see a few different waterfalls, and walk through some gorgeous meadows.

Dewey’s Mill Pond

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

We definitely recommend continuing your trek to Dewey Mill’s Pond if you have the time. It’s really beautiful!

After a good look at the landscape on the Spur Path, go down to the route and continue your ascent. The entire length of the gorge trail comes by chain-link fencing (about 4 feet high), and you can only see the river through the trees.

Red pines will surround several sections of the trail, and their long needles will also cover some of the walkways.

Onward and upward, the river widens, and the water flows serenely above a dam with impressive waterfalls. The azure water contrasted with the green water of the gorge.

To traverse an open region and reach the isthmus between Ottauquechee River and Dewey’s Mill Pond, you must go beyond the dam first.

This 30- to a 40-foot-wide sliver of land offers a unique vantage point for viewing the river and the pond. The coasts will be covered in tall grasses, with a few small trees in the middle, while beautiful hills will ring the land beyond the lake.

After approaching the trail’s end, turn around and return the way you came.

A significant, well-marked route descends from the dam to the gorge’s base and is an excellent area to start your exploration of the region. There’s some white water, and some smooth water as the tight valley opens into a larger basin.

The water becomes softer as it winds its way around an island and continues its journey downstream.

If you see a trail leading uphill from the open space at the bottom of the gorge, follow it. It soon led to a small platform overlooking the island, which was a delightful change of pace. There’s a bench in the area for you to relax on. You can enjoy a leisurely meal while admiring the sea encircling the island.

Long Run Meadow Skit Trail

After a little respite, continue on the trail down a small hill along a flat expanse of land. Cross-country ski path signage will direct you to the Long Run Meadow Trail at the bottom of the mountain.

This trail will follow the river’s path but will not always be near. There is a split in the course, and you’ll have to go left.

In the course of the trail, you’ll be able to see some beautiful meadow-like scenery. There was a lean-to structure across the meadow at one point, but it was far too open to provide much protection.

You could see the outlines of North Hartland Lake through trees on the river bank. The path will meander through the trees for a short time, allowing you to see another smaller meadow before re-entering the open and rejoining the branch you had taken.

Return to the bottom of the hill with the excellent view, but instead of coming back the same route, continue down the ski trail and walk past a wetlands area. Bearing left after that, you’ll be on the primary gorge trail once again.

You can avoid the Visitor Center, although there are occasions when it is close. Instead of continuing on the trail, you can turn around and wander back towards the visitor center parking area along Route 4 once you reach it.

Other Activities Near Quechee Gorge

Apart from taking in the famous Quechee Gorge, you can also participate in many activities nearby.

Camp at the State Park

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

The camping area at Quechee State Park includes 45 tent/RV sites and seven lean-to sites. A coin-operated hot shower and flush toilets are available at the campground’s two facilities.

Large RVs can usually park on most sites without issue. There are no hookups at the sanitary dump station. The campground includes a vast field and a playground. You can find a picnic park with pit toilets and a gorge-side trail next to Quechee Gorge.

Go Fishing in the River

Quechee State Park is a terrific spot to begin if trout are at the top of your must-catch species list for the day.

It is a large state park featuring cascades, forests, and the Quechee Gorge at its heart.

Ottaquechee River is also easily accessible from here. In the river, trout thrive, making the banks a great area to relax and wait for a bite.

In Quechee State Park, you can plan your fishing trip from 10:00 a.m. to sunset, providing you plenty of time.

Visit a Glass Factory

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

If you are tired of the outdoors, you can visit a glass factory which is 2 minute’s drive from the gorge. The actual Simon Pearce workshop is positioned precariously over the Ottauquechee River.

This Irish-born glass artist set up business amid a picturesque Vermont waterfall and a historic covered bridge. He was motivated by the natural splendor around him to create beautiful glassware.

It’s impressive to watch the glassware blowing process in action. The furnace heats the raw materials to 2,000. To create the magnificent item, the glassmaker first melts and molds the material. Glassblowers use a blowpipe to finish shaping each piece once the overall shape and coloring are perfect.

Your Quechee glass souvenir will be a cherished family heirloom for centuries to come, no matter how many pieces you purchase.

Try Skiing in Vermont

For families and newbies alike, Quechee Lakes has a modest ski resort.

Families will enjoy the easy terrain and chairlift service that the mountain provides.

You can stay in Quechee Gorge if you want to ski at one of the larger resorts like Killington, Okemo, or Pico; it’s close enough.

Witness Green Mountains in Fall

In the fall, the Green Mountains of Vermont are renowned for their spectacular color.

Quechee is a beautiful place to catch a glimpse of nature’s spectacular autumn display. A stroll in the woods or even a drive down Route 4 will pay you with stunning views of the changing leaves.

Fall is a popular time to visit, so if you plan to stay, make your reservations early.

Places To Stay Around Quechee Gorge

Have you decided when to visit the area? If so, it is time to find a place to stay near Quechee Gorge. Whether you plan to go for just a day or two, finding accommodation that can serve as your base ground is best. Luckily, there are many around the area! Here are the best of them.

Quality Inn At Quechee Gorge

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

Many visitors to Quechee Gorge in Vermont come for the beautiful scenery and exhilarating winter activities. When you plan your next family or business trip with Quality Inn at Quechee Gorge, you’ll get even more right on your hotel room.

There are numerous on-site amenities and methods to save at this inn, making it an excellent option for any trip in the area.

With Quechee State Park located across the street, you can enjoy the peace of nature from the comfort of your most pleasant hotel accommodation.

Even if you’re looking for a new place, this location has everything you’ll need for a fun-filled stay.

The best hotel bargains not only bring you closer to nature, but they also include all of the everyday luxuries in your accommodation rate.

Enjoy a refreshing plunge at the 24-hour indoor pool for some well-deserved R&R. Breakfast is served every morning, and it’s in the price of your room. Plus, if you just got a fantastic photo of Vermont or its wild animals, you can show it off with free high-speed Internet.

If you’re planning a trip to Dartmouth College, looking for antiques for your collection, or traveling on business, the Quality Inn is an excellent choice for your stay. You’ll have a wonderful time regardless of the time of year.

You’ll always get the best hotel deals when you book straight with this inn. It also offers fantastic rates for a memorable stay every night for the ideal way to save on your next Vermont holiday.

Everything is 0.3 miles away from Quechee Gorge. This inn is a fantastic find!

Super 8 by Wyndham White River Junction

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

Super 8 by Wyndham is a popular lodging option available everywhere, not just in Vermont.

This hotel is a popular choice for travelers visiting White River Junction and nearby attractions, and it’s easy to see why.

Travelers will appreciate the combination of low prices and the wide range of convenient features that this hotel offers. The Super 8 White River Junction offers free wifi and air-conditioned rooms with a flat-screen TV.

Also, take advantage of the hotel’s amenities during your stay, such as a 24-hour front desk. The on-site Super Eight White River Junction offers all visitors a complimentary breakfast. A free car park is available for those who arrive by car.

It is also a pet-friendly hotel. In the outdoors, it boasts its facilities, including a picnic area, outdoor furniture, and a sun deck.

Visit some nearby cafes, like Crossroads Cafe, Tuckerbox, and Boho Cafe, all within walking distance of Super Eight White River Junction while you’re here. Cooler Gallery, a well-known art gallery in White River Junction, is close to Super Eight White River Junction.

Other nearby attractions include Dartmouth College, Billings Farm Museum, Billings Park and Trails, Suicide Six, Mount Tom, and VINS Nature Center.

Our destination, the Quechee Gorge, is around a 10-minute drive from this hotel. You will pass through natural beauty like a river as you make your way.

We’re confident you’ll love your stay at the Super 8 by Wyndham White River Junction while compelling in all the area has to offer. It is an excellent option to stay if you plan to visit not just Quechee Gorge but also other places in the downtown area.

White River Inn and Suites

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

Another great option to stay near Quechee Gorge is the White River Inn and Suites. It resides 2.9 miles from the gorge!

White River Inn & Suites, located within a short distance from I-89 and I-91, is an excellent lodging option if you’re in the Upper Valley area of Vermont or New Hampshire on vacation.

The junior suites are a great way to experience this quaint New England town. Besides the microwave and refrigerator, these accommodations provide a cozy queen-sized bed.

Whatever accommodation you choose doesn’t matter; there are plenty of nearby attractions. Attractions like the Main Street Museum, the Power House Mall, and the White River Flyer train ride are worth checking out while you’re here.

With six mountains, 140 routes, and 70 miles of terrain, Killington Resort is one of the area’s most popular ski resorts, with 70 miles of slopes.

Also, this hotel is an excellent option for business travelers. With free high-speed wired and wireless internet connection in the convenience of your apartment, you can get your work done swiftly and effectively from your desk. A business center is also available around the clock.

Everything you need to make yourself home is in each suite: a fully equipped kitchen, living area, bedroom, and bathroom. Nearby attractions include Dartmouth College, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, and Lebanon Airport.

The best part is that the Quechee Gorge is only a short drive away! Enjoy the relaxing heated indoor pool at White River Inn & Suites after a long day exploring the local area. The hotel’s lobby features a stunning double-sided stone fireplace.

Stop into the Suite Shop before you settle in for the night to grab a bite to eat!

Holiday Inn Express & Suites White River Junction

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

This hotel is on the Vermont-New Hampshire border at Interstates 89 and I91.

With 42-inch flat-screen TVs, mini-fridges, and Keurig coffeemakers, these rooms are the perfect place to unwind.

Begin your day with a complimentary hot-serve buffet breakfast. You’ll find all your favorite breakfast items, like Western omelets, tasty sausage, cinnamon buns, and crispy bacon. Don’t forget to top your meal with a cup of rich Arabica coffee!

Also, you can exercise out in the 24-hour Fitness Center. Using the sundry on-site shop and laundry facilities, you can save time and money.

The place can accommodate groups of up to 25 persons and customize group packages. Your event will succeed if you have A/V equipment and a professional crew!

The Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC), the Dartmouth College, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC), the Hypertherm,  TomTom companies, Vermont Law School, Pitney Bowes, Timken, and Victor Technologies are all nearby.

You can visit the Main Street Museum, shop at the PowerHouse Mall, go hiking and biking around the rivers and lakes, tour King Arthur Flour, or ride the White River Flyer to see the area from a different perspective.

Ski resorts like Killington Resort, Okemo, Mount Sunapee, and Whaleback are just a short drive away if you’re ready to go.

Ten minutes away from Quechee Gorge, it’s a terrific alternative hotel. The gorge and a slew of amazing sights await you!

Go back to your hotel room and take a nap if you finish exploring all of those. You can, of course, reenergize yourself through a satisfying meal or beverage.

Hampton Inn White River Junction

Quechee Gorge In Vermont | Hiking Quechee Gorge in the Quechee State Park + things to do, hotels, dining, the Quechee Gorge bridge, and more

Because of its convenient location near Interstates 89 and 91 in Vermont, the Hampton Inn White River Junction hotel offers quick and simple access to numerous sites.

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, the Ivy League institution of Dartmouth College, and the picturesque Vermont community of Woodstock are all within easy driving distance of the hotel.

Let yourself be swept away by the natural splendor of Vermont and New Hampshire, as well as the crisp air and stunning scenery that comes with it. Ascutney, Mount Sunapee, and Killington are just a few of the resorts in the area.

The Hampton Inn White River Junction offers all the conveniences of home. King-size beds and bathtubs are available, as are King-size beds and tubs in the study. Pets are welcome in both of these non-smoking rooms.

All rooms have coffeemakers, hair dryers, irons/iron boards, cable TV with HBO, free local phone calls, and high-speed internet connectivity.

An indoor swimming pool, a fitness area, and a business center are also available. Did you use a vehicle to get there? Proceed to the free parking area.

You’ll also enjoy it here if you’re traveling in a group or organizing an event.

Your company can enjoy themselves in the connected rooms, which make it easy to rent extra lodgings and make the most of your stay. Enjoy 400 square feet of event space and plenty of guest rooms for your upcoming events!

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap for our ultimate guide to Quechee Gorge in Vermont!

This “Little Grand Canyon” in the Green Mountain State is undoubtedly worth visiting, especially in its full glory. Besides its beautiful view, there are also tons of attractions and activities that await you nearby.

You can bookmark or save this post as your helpful guide whenever you are in the area. We wish you a fun-filled time there!

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