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Top 17 Breweries In Anchorage, Alaska To Check Out

Looking for the best breweries in Anchorage Alaska? You’ve come to the right place!

Anchorage (and the entirety of Alaska) are home to the eighth most breweries per capita in the nation. And it’s only growing!

Anchorage breweries offer a wide range of beers and tap rooms. Several breweries have food trucks and have outdoor seating, while others offer full menus.

If you are wondering which Anchorage Alaska breweries you should visit, we’ve put together a guide of our favorite best breweries in Anchorage. Read on for small breweries, large breweries, spots with food, spots with outdoor seating, food trucks, live music, and more!

17. Midnight Sun Brewing Company

8111 Dimond Hook Dr, Anchorage, AK 99507, United States | +1 907-344-6653

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Since 1995, Midnight Sun has produced robust beers inspired by the Last Frontier’s natural energy and rugged scenery.

The brewery creates more than 60 varieties of beer every year. These beers are bold, accessible, and well-known all over the world.

At The Loft restaurant, you’ll find genuine, locally sourced ingredients and daily discounts, weekend brunch, and pleasant and knowledgable service to make your stay at Midnight Sun even more enjoyable. This restaurant also provides beer tasting opportunities!

Midnight Sun Brewing Company enjoys brewing unique year-round brews for its customers while expanding its seasonal and specialty brews’ repertory. The company aims to produce dependable, high-quality beers that fulfill consumers’ thirst while providing a refreshing beverage option.

There are four popular 12-ounce cans available and the draft kegs and 22-ounce bottles that most of the company beers come in. They have 16 beers and two sodas on tap daily, all of which they brew in the company.

Choose from drinks such as their Wolf Pack Pilsner, Arctic Devil Ale, Meltdown Double IPA, Kodiak Brown Ale, etc. You can also partner your glasses with Loft’s snacks and meals. The Beer-B-Q sauce topped with marinated chicken is worth trying.

Midnight Sun is a great place to hang out. It’s one of our favorite breweries in Anchorage for group outings. You can enjoy some of their exciting brews and savory foods. If you plan on visiting this place, we recommend going on Thursdays because, at 6 pm, the company also offers a free public tour of the brewery!

16. 49th State Brewing Company

717 W 3rd Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501, United States | +1 907-277-7727

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

At the 49th State – Anchorage, you’ll be immersed in Alaska’s rich history and traditions.

Thanks to its warm atmosphere and extensive cuisine, there’s something for everyone at this restaurant and brewery. While tasting locally sourced meals and rich beer, you can overlook Cook Inlet and the Alaska Range.

Residents and guests alike feel at home in this establishment. Because of the generous meal sizes, you won’t have to worry about going home hungry.

This restaurant is one of the few in Alaska that serves farm-raised yak from Alaskan farms. Other Alaskan specialties, such as elk and reindeer, are available, with outstanding meals like buffalo loaf and homemade Bavarian pretzels.

For beer enthusiasts, the 49th state is an absolute must-see. The Solstice IPA and the Belgian-inspired Golden Dall have won gold medals, and we highly recommend them.

There is also a children’s menu, including mac and cheese and PB&J sandwiches, so it’s not only a place for grownups!

15. Girdwood Brewing Company

2700 Alyeska Hwy, Anchorage, AK 99587, United States | +1 907-783-2739

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Girdwood Brewing Company is a great place to sample some Alaskan craft beer while taking in the stunning scenery of the Chugach Mountains. Native art and ski memorabilia decorate the rustic, timber-framed pub.

A great beer garden featuring fire pits and plenty of seating awaits those who prefer the great outdoors.

The company has four core brews and a changing selection of taps. Cold brew coffee, root beer, and kombucha are some alcohol-free options.

Taproom patrons can enjoy tastes and 12-ounce pours of their favorite beers. Growlers, kegs, and cans of 16 ounces with a label designed by Alaskan artists are all available for take-out at the establishment (for sale in the taproom only).

In addition to a daily rotation of tasty food trucks, the company has a gift shop that offers various unique items for sale.

It’s easy to see that Girdwood Brewing Company is a part of the neighborhood. A variety of nonprofit and adventure-based groups get donations from the company. At the same time, the company employs around one dozen locals full-time, year-round, in their brewery.

The brewery has excellent beers, various seating options indoors and out, and beautiful vistas to enjoy while sipping on their brew. Although they don’t provide meals, a food truck that offers a variety of Japanese food is available nearby.

This friendly place is excellent to hang out. Don’t forget to try their Down the Chute Kölsch and other specialty beers while you’re there. They also offer private tours of the brewery and tastings for affordable prices!

14. Anchorage Brewing Company

148 W 91st Ave, Anchorage, AK 99515, United States | +1 907-677-2739

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Brewer Gabe Fletcher founded the Anchorage Brewing Company, one of the state’s newest breweries. In barrel fermentation, they use souring cultures and Brettanomyces. They go to great lengths to create several of the most distinctive beers by fusing old and new brewing techniques.

Walking inside Anchorage Brewing, you will notice immersive works of art. The cans and bottles they sell are art pieces created only by local artists. Fortunately, the beer within is just as good.

In addition to being among the significant microbrews in Alaska, they also export domestically and abroad. But outside of Alaska, their drinks are hard to acquire, and fans scramble to get their hands on bottles of the most sought sippers, like Time Waits for No One, Endless Ending, and Deal with the Devil.

With breweries like Mikkeller, Hill Farmstead, and Monkish on its roster of collaborators, Anchorage Brewing is a must-visit for craft beer fans.

This brewery is considered the best in Alaska and one of the best breweries in America specializes in sours and stouts. Their IPAs and other experimental crafts keep visitors coming back.

Besides the tasty drinks and delicious foods, the whole place is clean, and the staff is welcoming. The new back patio with firepits and seating is an excellent addition to the activity you can do in this top-class brewery.

Although prices are steep, you can get more than what you pay!

13. King Street Brewing Company

9050 King St, Anchorage, AK 99515, United States | +1 907-336-5464

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

King St. Brewing Company is a local craft brewery. Since the taproom opened in 2011 in a tiny industrial area, it has been a popular destination for residents who appreciate fine beer. While many other breweries focus on big, bold standouts, KSBC offers a terrific variety that focuses on more classic European beer varieties.

Seasonal and barrel-aged beers round out the collection King Street which includes APA. Bavarian hefeweizen, Czech Pilsner, Irish Stout, IPA, and Blonde Ale. Brew-on-the-go options are available in the company’s new tasting room, including kegs, cans, and beer bottles.

Although no food is available in the brewery, you can bring your food or buy it on the food trucks surrounding it.

You can also buy the fine beers created in this taproom in various restaurants, pubs, and specialty liquor stores around Alaska.

The woodland walking and bike lanes of Kincaid Park, only steps from KSB’s downtown Anchorage location, are ideal for sweating off those beer calories.

Alaskan law mandates that all breweries close at 8 pm, making it the perfect place to stop for happy hour. It’s also one of our favorite breweries in Achorage AK to check out during weeknights!

We recommend choosing from one of their unique brews or sticking to a traditional Czech pilsner. Remember to stock up on a 4-pack of IPA cans for your next excursion!

12. Double Shovel Cider Company

502 W 58th Ave C, Anchorage, AK 99518, United States | +1 907-562-1100

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Those who enjoy cider should check this out! The original and most delicate micro-cidery in Alaska is Double Shovel cider. The company uses apples, berries, and other locally grown components to create its ciders.

This Alaskan-based cider company dedicates to reviving the craft of American hard cider in Anchorage by handcrafting high-quality, naturally gluten-free hard cider using locally sourced ingredients.

Visit this place for various ciders, from dry to semi-sweet, to please your palate. More than one type of cider is available: extra dry, semi-dry hopped, sour, Cider-Mosa, cranberry, and more. Non-alcoholic beverages are also available in this establishment.

From May through September, there is also an outside patio. Take a growler or a can of cider with you and relax in the outdoor ambiance.

The company also has a ton of great gear to show your support, including shirts, tanks, hoodies, crewnecks, glasses, hats, etc.

If you’re hungry, try something from one of the food trucks that park outside daily. Food and cider go hand in hand!

You can also eat al fresco on their terrace during the warmer months. The goal at Double Shovel Cidery is to make you fall in love with cider, too!

We recommend their Pineapple IPC (hopped pineapple), one of their excellent products. If you visit this place with a company, you can also mix your cider!

11. Cynosure Brewing

144 E Potter Dr unit e, Anchorage, AK 99518, United States | +1 907-563-2966

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Cynosure Brewing emphasizes Lager and Belgian styles and creates well-balanced, subtle, and welcoming beers. The brewery’s goal is to produce beers that are easy to drink, eliciting a sense of eagerness for the next sip or glass.

When you visit Cynosure, you’ll see the work of local Alaskan artists and a rotating selection of beers on tap and non-alcoholic options. You can order or carry your food from one of the many food trucks that park outside. Restaurants and pubs across the state also provide Cynosure beers!

At Cynosure, a hidden gem in Anchorage, you’ll find a broader range of beers than you’ll find at most of the city’s other brewers. They usually have a few good seasonals in addition to their regular offerings. Their Saison is out of the ordinary, but it tastes great.

Among the other beers in this taproom is Black Lager, Clouds Dry Hopped Pale Lager, Double, Fest, Potter’s Beer, Powerful Pils, Raspberry Sour, Triple, and Wit.

Couches line the narrow but cozy tasting room, where guests may relax and catch up with old friends over a glass of wine.

This ever-improving brewery is an excellent stop in Anchorage. The open, comfortable, and airy taproom, combined with its super lovely and welcoming staff, makes it one of the best pubs in the town.

10. Turnagain Brewing

7920 King St, Anchorage, AK 99518, United States | +1 907-646-2337

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Turnagain Brewing commenced production on June 9, 2018. Its tasting facility has 11 beer taps supplied by a 10-barrel brewery. While it provides predominantly Belgian-style and Sour Beers, they offer selections most beer (and wine) drinkers can enjoy.

Brew geeks, beer novices, and those who want something pleasant to drink after a long bike or ski ride will all find something they like.

Turnagain Brewery, a small, family-owned firm in Alaska, is a quality place for beer lovers. Brewery tours would be incomplete without a stop at this one. Its staff is warm, courteous, and happy to share their stories and samples with visitors.

Besides the massive selection of beer, their upstairs seating is top-notch. You can oversee the industrialized place while enjoying local music in their classical atmosphere.

This brewery’s famous brews are Imperial Stout, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Guile, Taiga Tripel, Dubbel Tap, Framb Was, Atlantic Haze, etc. Although not offering food, you can still buy some at food trucks in the surrounding place or bring them alone.

Despite being small, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The focus of the establishment is, after all, on the beer. When it’s not too packed, the location is okay.

This place is a must-visit to experience some of the most incredible beers in the region. With affordable prices and friendly staff, this will definitely be one of your favorite breweries in Anchorage Alaska!

9. Alpenglow Brewery

3024 Mountain View Dr #106, Anchorage, AK 99501, United States | +1 907-602-3103

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Resolution Brewing in Anchorage opened its doors in 2015, intending to bring something fresh and exciting to Mountain View. As the companies faced different challenges, a new owner took it over and later renamed it Alpenglow Brewery.

This taproom, a short distance from Glenn Highway Intersection, continues the award-winning history of Resolution Brewing. It creates brews made from even higher-quality ingredients.

As a craft brewery, Alpenglow focuses on traditional beers like Saison and Tripel while also exploring the rich cultural legacy of the Mountain View community with unique beers like Cerveza De Los Muertos chile and cocoa spiced black imperial stout.

This seemingly small brewery near a shopping mall holds a combination of tasting and brewing on a single floor. With it, you can observe the making process and share a pint with the brewmaster and the crew in their taproom.

The brewery also offers free WiFi access with plenty of available seating, making it a perfect place to chill and sample uniquely delicious beers.

Being Belgian-inspired, we recommend their Tent City Saison and Ixelles Belgian Tripel. Their other beers are worth trying, and you will not go wrong with them.

While this is one of the smaller breweries in Anchorage Alaska, it’s also one of our favorites! The beer is just so delicious.

8. Glacier Brewhouse

737 W 5th Ave #110, Anchorage, AK 99501, United States | +1 907-274-2739

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Glacier Brewhouse is not your ordinary brewpub, and you’ll notice as soon as you step inside. An oak wood grill, oven, a fiery demonstration cooking line, and an inviting brewery light all give off a really woodsy vibe.

Rotisserie grilled meats, fresh seafood, wood-fired pizza, and award-winning handcrafted brews are all on the menu at the BrewHouse. It’s more of a restaurant than just a brewery!

There’s a reason why this portion of downtown Anchorage is usually buzzing with activity, excitement, and smiles. Enjoy a beer, a meal, and the buzz of the city at this popular hangout.

Craft beers and oak-aged beers are the specialties of the Glacier BrewHouse. The IPA and the Hefeweizen are local favorites, and in addition to the seven distinctive beers, a seasonal menu includes anything from an oak-aged stout to cherry wheat.

You can see the brewing apparatus through a glass wall and ensure they create the beers onsite from your seat.

Though it’s only across the place from the performing arts, The BrewHouse is ideal for grabbing a drink before or after the act. There is also a regional Alaskan art gallery and a few excellent stores to peruse if there is a wait for meals between the two restaurants.

The brewpub offers a vast selection of food and drinks. The drinks listing includes Margarita Cocktail, Lemon Drop Cocktail, Whiskey Flights, and many more. Flagship beers of the house include Blonde, Amber, India Pale Ale, Bavarian Hefeweizen, Oatmeal Stout, Raspberry Wheat, and Imperial Blonde.

7. Magnetic North Brewing Co.

8861 Golovin St, Anchorage, AK 99507, United States | +1 907-891-7406

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

To comply with local emergency laws, MNBC could only sell to-go cans during the stay-home period. As a result, owner and brewer Jeremiah has refined his brewing technique, created a taproom, upgraded his brewing equipment, and begun providing individual seminars on brewing.

The taproom and brewery of Magnetic North Brewing Co. are both educational establishments. Private classes in homebrewing are available at MNBC, in addition to the frequently changing tap selections of beers and seltzers.

MNBC’s fully functioning brewery and tap room offer dozens of brews. Included in its current tap list is Imperial Pilsner, Hazy IPA, Kolsh, Coffee Oatmeal Stout, Vanilla, Peach, Tangerine, Milkshake, Wheat Ale, Pink Lemonade Hard Seltzer, Pale Ale, Session Hazy IPA, and Double IPA.

This reasonably young brewery has already made a name for itself. Every Sunday, regulars show up as the brewery does a unique “infusion” in its drinks to provide a different flavor. This pub also has great seating in its primary area, with locally created artworks as its décor.

Another reason why customers return to Magnetic North because they offer cheap beer flights making it an excellent destination for beer enthusiasts.

6. Onsite Brewing Company

3211 Denali St, Anchorage, AK 99503, United States | +1 907-310-2337

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska’s Onsite Brewing Company, is a neighborhood nano-brewery emphasizing the local community. Located in Midtown, it is one of the smallest pubs in the state of Alaska with a 1bbl brewhouse and the first to open.

Small batches of high-quality, meticulously made brews are its specialty. You can unwind with a beer at the taproom while plotting your next excursion or celebrating your most recent one. You will love the outdoors, gain new experiences, and taste great beer here.

The brewery got its name from the rock climbing term “Onsite,” which refers to completing a climb on your first attempt. The passion and inspiration for the climbing community and delicious beer made the owners consider this phrase for their brewery’s identity.

This small, dog-friendly brewery is comparable to Cynosure Brewing but has a great parking area. Large, clean, and with an industrial feel, the inside of the building is ideal. You can adore the various daring works of art hanging on the room’s walls.

The rotating food truck lineup also makes this a better place to visit in Anchorage.

Although smaller than other breweries in Anchorage, Onsite still offers some tasty beers. Their IPAs are an absolute must-try! Additionally, you will love it here if you are a rock climbing fan!

5. Matanuska Brewing Company

2830 C St, Anchorage, AK 99503, United States | +1 907-677-2531

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Matanuska Brewing Company is a diner, bar, and pub now available in three locations at Eagle River, Palmer, and Anchorage. Each branch provides a unique food menu and brews from the tap.

In Anchorage, the restaurant offers a variety of foods such as cheese bread, pizzas, salads, nachos, pretzels, tacos, burritos, burgers, sandwiches, and soups. People of all ages can enjoy the delicacies here. Moreover, vegans will find this place friendly as it has vegetarian dishes.

Matanuska Brewing in Anchorage provides a vast selection of liquors and tap beers. Cider, Hoppy Beers, Fruit Forward Beers, Light and Refreshing Beers, Dark Beers, Hard Seltzer, and Bottled Small Batch Beers contributes to their plenty of beer list that you can try.

Almost everything in this restaurant/brewery is a treat. Each combination of food and drink you order will always be excellent. The unique fare flavor and the aroma of beers make it a memorable stop in Midtown, Anchorage.

The place has incredibly spacious seating, both indoor and outdoor. Inside, you can experience a casual atmosphere and watch sporting events on their vast TVs. Outside, you can savor the taste of cold beer while engaging in a fun, lively atmosphere.

We recommend trying their Prime Rib Tacos, a grilled prime rib with southwestern sauce, black beans, tomato, lettuce, onion, cheddar, and cilantro.

4. Brewerks

625 W 59th Ave, Units A/B, Anchorage, AK 99518, United States | Not Available

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Brewerks is a startup brewery in Midtown, Anchorage. Owner Chad Ringler has singlehandedly managed everything for the brewery to operate. Before opening its services, this startup is pretty known to many residents of Rural Alaska as the 49th state’s 52nd brewery.

Relatively new to the brewing world, this brewery is now considered one of the favorite new breweries in Anchorage Alaska.

The place is low-key and often compared to Odd Man Rush. Brewerks has an upstairs place to enjoy its original creation of unique beers. Softwood and metal make up most of the freshly made beer destination furniture. As decoration, local photographs also hang on the walls of the establishment.

The staff of Brewerks makes the brewery an excellent place for Anchorage residents and visitors alike. Their friendly attitude and splendid service make a visit to the new beer hotspot worthy.

Some of the customer famous beers in this discreet place include Wick’d Pissah, Shake the Frost, Flattop Flyer, From the Briny Deep, Blacksmith’s Breakfast, Stone Sour, Tundra Harvester, Always Late To The Party, Right On Time, The Ex, etc.

The addition of Brewerks is fantastic in the brewery scene of Anchorage. If you are tired of crowded pubs, you can visit this new one. You can guarantee a unique newfangled experience in this place without paying a fortune.

We recommend trying their Oktoberfest beer which has a fruity note to it. The Hazy IPA is also great for its crisp bitterness.

Overall, Brewerks is a solid addition to the lineup of the top breweries you can visit while exploring Anchorage!

3. Silver Gulch Brewing & Bottling Co.

5000 W International Airport Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502, United States | +1 907-248-1048

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Located near Fox, Alaska, approximately 10 miles north of Fairbanks on the Steese Highway, Silver Gulch Brewing and Bottling Co. has been in business since February 1998.

Silver Gulch Brewing has grown from brewmaster Glenn Brady’s 5-gallon amounts to its current capacity of 24-barrel (750-gallon) homebrewing batches.

The founders’ and local artisans’ hard work has gone into building the brewery facilities, completed during the 1997 season. The outcomes are self-evident. The 12,000 square-foot brewery, part of a recently restored pub and dining complex, is a marvel of modern process technology.

The brewing vessels were purchased from the Conner’s Brewery in St. Catherines, Canada, and have 375 barrels. From start to finish, the brewing takes one long day with up to an additional 6+ weeks for fermentation and aging.

After conditioning the beer, it is cold-filtered through a state-of-the-art German system and then bottled on the 200 bottle-per-minute bottling system. This system cleans, fills, caps, labels, and repacks the bottles in their cases.

The Anchorage branch of this company opened in 2012. It has 104 seating capacity for dining and bar services. Since it is not fast food, expect to wait for sufficient time as all meal orders are hand-prepared in this establishment. Nonetheless, it is worth the wait as the food served here is pretty delicious.

Brews in this brewery are available year-round for the beer connoisseur or not, both in a bottle or a draft. We recommend trying specialty beers such as Old 55 Pale Ale, an American Pale Ale, and an Alaskan Classic expressing a fruity and malty character.

This Anchorage brewery is a go-to stop if you want both quality taste and service!

2. Zip Kombucha

3404 Arctic Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99503, United States | +1 907-351-7821

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Located in the center of Anchorage, Alaska, Zip Kombucha is a local kombucha brewery creating the best tasting and refreshing probiotic iced tea.

The brewery worked hard to keep the price of its refreshing drink low so that everyone could enjoy it. Alternatively, you can find its drinks in a wide range of establishments throughout the state, including local grocery stores, eateries, and breweries.

This distillery is the first kombucha brewer and taproom in Alaska. Arctic Avenue in Midtown Manhattan is home to this establishment. It has 11 varieties of kombucha on tap, including complex and standard types, so stop by and sample some or take some home.

The Zip is also responsible for producing Alaska’s first locally made Hard Kombucha. It takes kombucha to a different level by launching its new product Black Label Booch.

Zip is an excellent place to sample kombucha for the first time, especially if you’ve never tried it with alcohol. The company offers a superb selection of locally brewed kombucha and alcoholic ones.

The classic flavors Plain Jane, Blueberry Mary, Mandy Mint, and Ginger Rogers are some local kombucha in the brewery. Besides these drinks, they also offer hard seltzer and beers, expanding as a sole brewery in Anchorage with kombucha in its listings.

The Black Label Booch is what we recommend for alcoholics. This excellent drink has an extraordinary taste that you will genuinely enjoy. The Blueberry Mary, on the other hand, is also worth a try.

1. Broken Tooth Brewing 

2021 Spar Ave Anchorage, AK 99501, United States | +1 907-278-4999

Best breweries in Anchorage Alaska

Moose’s Tooth, the original home of Broken Tooth Brewing, has the most extensive selection of the brewery’s beverages. It has the Bear Tooth Thearepub & Grill that offers Classic Beers and monthly beer specials.

Dating its first operation back in 1996, Broken Tooth Brewing is the same brewery with the same “Tooth” affiliations. All favorite local brews, such as the Fairweather IPA, are still being brewed at the production brewery and are available in growlers, tiny bottles, and six-pack cans.

Broken Tooth brews numerous classic beers in its brewery. Rock Paper Citrus APA, Yelloweye PA, Wild Country Raspberry Wheat, and Northern Lights Amber are just some of the traditional beers of the brewpub.

Enjoy specialties in its revolving taps, including Anchorage Premium Pilsner, The Trip Belgian Tripel, Bouquet APA, Area 52 Session IPA, and many more.

You can also choose their canned and bottled beers if you still want other drinks. You will not run out of beer choices in this Anchorage brewery!

We recommend their Wild Country Raspberry for its deliciously unique taste! In addition, you can also sip their famous Fairweather IPA.

A trip to any of the “tooth” places is a worthwhile experience. If you are around or near Anchorage, you should not miss a beer from Broken Tooth! It’s one of the most popular breweries in Anchorage Alaska for a reason.

In Closing

The brewery scene in Anchorage, Alaska, is in a league of its own. With plenty of brew places available, some are still appearing and developing in this state in the Last Frontier. Each of the pubs offers distinctive experiences both in beers and food.

Anchorage makes a fantastic drink journey thanks to its wide range of breweries. Although there are several to visit, each stop will undoubtedly be worthy.

We genuinely hope you enjoyed reading about the best breweries in Anchorage Alaska, that you can check out. The immersive choices of top breweries contribute to a healthy beer industry in Alaska and the whole of America.

If you are in Anchorage and want to start your trip to some of the state’s top breweries, consider checking the places on our list for a memorable brewing experience!

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