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34 Awesome Things To Do in Central City, Colorado: The Complete Guide

Central City Colorado is a “hidden jewel” in the Rocky Mountains, established in 1859 by gold miners. A trip to this mining city will make you feel you’ve traveled back in time by around 150 years, although it is only 35 miles west of Denver.

Despite being physically larger than Black Hawk, Central City Colorado has a much slower style of living and a wide variety of entertaining, small-town activities.

Things to do in the city include visiting casinos, learning the extensive Colorado mining history, and various outdoor pursuits.

You can also dine at numerous locally owned cafes, taverns, and restaurants that provide excellent food and service. And don’t forget the city’s fantastic art galleries, spooky places, and annual celebrations!

This unusual mining-turned-casino town boasts one of Denver’s most beautiful historic neighborhoods and is a great area to visit year-round!

Read our list of the 34 awesome things to do in Central City, Colorado, before you pack your bags to find out what awaits you in this region of The Centennial State!

34. Central City Visitor Center

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

To kick things off in this list is a visit to Central City Visitor Center.

It is undeniable that Central City is wealthy in things to do to keep people occupied. A visit to the Central City Visitor Center is required to learn everything there is to know about this historically significant region.

Although it is not as exciting as the other things on this list, the Visitor Center is just an essential stop in the city.

For visitors and travelers, the Central City Visitor Center in Central, Colorado, offers information on the tourist destinations and lodging options in the Gilpin County region.

Also, it provides tourists with details on Central tours, maps and navigational aids, and other helpful resources. To learn more about Central City, stop by the Visitors Center and speak with the kind personnel there!

The Visitors Center is your best starter location location to go to if you want to learn about all the casinos, historical buildings, restaurants, walking tours, cemeteries, and other enjoyable things to do in the area.

33. Grand Z Casino Hotel

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Now that you know something about the area, finding a great place to stay is just right, and it could not get any better than Grand Z Casino Hotel.

The Grand Z Casino Hotel offers accommodations where opulent lodging is the standard. There are also many entertainment choices making it one of the awesome things to do in Central City Colorado.

The Grand Z Casino is the ideal setting for a hand and to show off your skills. With so many slot machines available, like video poker, video craps, and video roulette, you can enter the game whenever you want by simply pressing a button.

Also hilarious is their live table activity. The game is fun because of the welcoming dealers and staff. Both beginners and experts can benefit from it.

The Grand Z Casino has excellent gaming, but it also has a bonus in the form of complimentary refreshments and snacks. The games you love to play will all have a contemporary spin in this updated traditional casino. Win big by taking the risk!

On your day of gambling enjoyment, the Grand Z Casino also has a selection of restaurants to meet your preferences and demands.

Your upscale tastes can be satisfied at The Grand Bistro with a variety of seafood and steak meals. The Grill is the ideal spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner between bets because of its extensive menu that features a variety of cuisines. Of course, everyone enjoys Starbucks coffee served at the Z Café.

Besides, countless intriguing options are available to players of all skill levels at this hotel and casino in Central City.

32. Century Casino & Hotel Central City

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Another option for lodging with incredible entertainment is Century Casino & Hotel in Central City.

The Century Casino & Hotel is conveniently off Interstate 70 at Exit 243, approximately 45 minutes west of Denver, Colorado.

Since 2012, Century Casino & Hotel Central City has been one of the top casinos. It serves as the focal point for gaming, events, and restaurants in Central City, Colorado, a thriving mountain town.

Apart from the 26 lovely boutique-style hotel rooms, Century opened in 2006 and added a shaded parking structure with a picturesque sky bridge to the quaint, historic town.

Are you looking for gaming? Or in need of a hot meal? Century provides the best of both! You’ll find the newest video poker machines, slot machines, and fascinating table games with amiable dealers on its gaming floor.

The Mid City Grill and Retro Deli & Tavern, which serve outstanding traditional American cuisine, are located down from the casino and offer the best food discounts on “The Hill” at Century.

31. Teller House

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Teller House is the right option if you prefer to stay in an old-school place.

One of Central City’s oldest and most significant structures is the Teller House, which was constructed in 1871–1872 by brothers Henry M. Teller and Willard Teller. It has been the primary hotel in the community for more than 60 years.

When President Ulysses S. Grant visited Central City in 1873 as part of his tour of Colorado, the four-story brick hotel was the place to be.

Apart from housing several companies today, the Teller House also functions as a local museum, showcasing Central City’s past as one of the most prosperous mining areas in the Centennial State.

The hotel’s west side featured a four-story brick building with a flat cement roof, a lovely flagstone balcony, and a timber balcony overlooking the street. The first floor’s historic Romanesque design and arched windows showcased the splendor and wealth of Colorado’s mining frontier.

Also, the Teller House is home to the Rocky Mountain Bank, a jewelry store, an eyewear emporium, a barbershop, and various other businesses besides the hotel.

By going here today, you can discover what living was like when Central City was a gritty, frontier mining settlement.

The gleaming hotel chains and casinos adorn Central City’s skyline currently overwhelm the Teller House. But the opulent old hotel still stands as a precursor to those contemporary casinos and a symbol of Gilpin County’s continuing cultural legacy. A great site to learn about local history.

30. Denver West / Central City KOA Holiday

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Are hotels not your choice? Then you might want to consider camping.

Luxury camping is available at the KOA in Denver West/Central City.

The place is only 35 miles west of Denver and is in the Rocky Mountains at the height of 8,490 feet, one mile beyond Central City and Black Hawk.

It is a great starting point for day trips to Central City and the nearby Coors Brewery, Denver Zoo, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Elitch Gardens Amusement Park, and Colorado Springs. Also, it is close to the top casinos in Colorado.

Experience a peaceful and beautiful drive along the new Central City Parkway, which connects Central City with Interstate I-70. The majestic mountain views and rolling hills that surround you will be to your taste.

This campground in Central City is not your typical Denver RV park. Visit this campground if you’re seeking one of the best in Colorado or Denver.

You’ll want to book your spot in advance for all your camping requirements due to the stunning scenery, lively environment, and family-friendly campground services. A must while in Central City!

29. Ante Up Café

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

You found a place, and now you are wondering where to go? You will never go wrong with a day headstart at Ante Up Café.

Central City, Colorado’s Ante Up Cafe is a quaint coffee house. It is located on Main Street and is a fantastic destination for breakfast food.

Their sweet potato and black bean burritos will get your day underway. These two meals are both accompanied by exclusive honey lavender lattes.

They also offer homemade donuts for you to try. You’ll want more with every bite of this fresh and delicious food. Better get moving if you wish to have this snack, as they sell out fast!

Also, the restaurant only uses the finest natural ingredients in all of its dishes which is a plus.

If you’re lucky, the restaurant proprietor might also share some knowledge about the neighborhood’s history and the surrounding opera house!

Before doing something else, try this cafe as your morning destination!

28. Central City Opera House

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Now that you had breakfast, it is time to finally check one of the most famous spots in Central City, the Opera House!

Central City Opera is the fifth-oldest competent opera company in the nation, founded in 1932. Welsh and Cornish workers and town residents with a music history built the opera house in 1878.

Since then, the opera house has hosted several well-known performers in both theater and film.

Here, the summers are unique because a creek that runs through a flume underneath the opera house keeps it cool. When summer arrives, the streets are alive with great music, people reveling in the culture, and many appreciate the town’s coziness and warmth.

Also, the house is still keeping up nicely, and there are lovely gardens to explore between it and the Teller House. You will find a fantastic variety of plants and markers with intriguing inscriptions that provide valuable facts about the area.

Visit this location to take in renowned, gorgeous plays of the highest caliber, a strong program for training young artists, engaging in community activities, and more!

27. The Face Bar

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Did you feel peckish after watching the opera? The Teller House’s Face Bar is the spot to be!

As you eat, this establishment exudes a lively and dynamic atmosphere. From the management to the front desk, the staff is excellent. They also have amazing waiters and bartenders.

Face Bar, as implied by its name, offers a full bar where patrons can savor a fine wine or drink. It serves a variety of food apart from the available drinks.

Oysters and mussels are just a few seafood options on the menu. They also provide a variety of salads that you can try. Aside from the coffee and house tea, side meals and sweets are also available.

You know where to go if you’re eyeing a decent restaurant in Central City!

26. Nevadaville Ghost Town

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Yet another great stop in Central City is the Nevadaville Ghost Town.

It is tucked away just over the hill from Central City, Colorado.

The area has some historic structures and a few ancient graveyards. Plus, you can see several old mines from the road along the hillside above and below the town.

Historic structures are all on private land and off limits to the general public. But you can still stroll through the picturesque town. If you go, keep in mind where you put your car.

Around 4000 people called Nevadaville home during its height in the late 1800s. Its previous name, Nevada City, was used between 1860 and 1870. The place was a busy area because it was close to Central City. Around 1900, the village perished because of the shortage of gold and silver.

You’ll imagine what life was like before and why the town abruptly collapsed as you stroll through its few dirt streets. As you wander the area, you’ll wonder what happens to everyone’s possessions once they depart from their house.

If you look to grasp some of the buildings of the past and Central City’s history, you should stop here! It is easily accessible from Central City, and it is best to come before sunset!

25. Ghost Town Disc Golf

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

The next thing to do on the list will be loved particularly by golf lovers.

The once-vibrant mining community of Russell Gulch, Colorado, is now reduced to a handful of structures and mining artifacts. There are just a few people living in this town now, which is about two miles above ocean level, and it comes along with a disc golf course.

Previously thriving as a well-liked mining region, the area’s population declined as it gradually became a ghost town.

Brian O’Donnell bought some local properties in 1999. For his personal use, he installed a few disc golf targets. In 2003, he developed a whole course and made it accessible to the general public.

The course’s opening half is over mountainous terrain with abandoned buildings and wrecks. Some of the town’s still-standing remains are available for exploration in the play area, which spreads out onto a wide, open gully in the back half.

Also, the course becomes more challenging because mining claims surround it, and discs can easily cross those boundaries onto private property.

Remember that you’ll need to make reservations if you want to golf on the course. Also, traversing the challenging steep trails can become taxing at the elevation of 9,150 feet above sea level. However, it is still one of the best things to do in Central City.

24. Gold Coin Saloon

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

After a tiring golf session, you would love to grab a bite and a drink. Gold Coin Saloon is the place that offers just that.

Italian immigrants created this two-story red brick business Gold Coin. It has been hailed as the most genuine aged saloon in town with many other historic drinking establishments.

Swinging doors of the Coin reveal a different realm. Behind a golden wood Eastlake screening with acorn finials in the original entry, the foyer is a shoeshine chair and a display cabinet for cigars.

Tinny melodies from a player piano reverberate off the tongue-and-groove timber ceiling as it bounces off the floor of the inner sanctuary, which is fiery by an old potbellied burner on a diagonally laid pine plank floor.

The showpiece of the three-story casino that opened around it in 1992, the interior was surveyed and photographed for repair. However, despite having a Neoclassical back bar, gambling has been outlawed in this refuge.

23. Dostal Alley Casino & Brew Pub

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Dostal Alley is the destination if you prefer food and drinks while playing.

Under one charming, historic roof, Dostal Alley Casino & Brew Pub houses a family-owned casino, a microbrewery, and a restaurant. It essentially includes everything needed to make Central City a fantastic gaming experience.

Earlier, the restaurant was a rock shop where customers could purchase gold nuggets, jewelry, and stones. After adding it over time, the family that ran the shop finally decided to concentrate entirely on the casino.

There are two floors of gaming with the most recent video poker machines, as well as a penny, nickel, quarter, and dollar slots. Popular games are readily available. The casino is a beautiful old building with multiple-award-winning microbrewery.

A beer connoisseur must visit the Dostal Alley Casino & Brew Pub microbrewery. With the creations of their two outstanding and very knowledgeable brewmasters, customers can treat themselves to premium beverages.

The restaurant offers its patrons delectable meals and drinks as if they weren’t enough.

They provide pizza, calzones, sandwiches, salads, starters, and handcrafted root beer floats aside from other food items. The restaurant’s menu is a beautiful accompaniment to its artisan brews and casino.

Dostal Alley Casino & Brew Pub is a vibrant little casino that offers delicious beverages, Italian food, quick snacks, and other items to keep patrons’ stomachs happy.

22. Red Dolly Casino

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

If you happen to crave Italian and Mexican cuisine while betting, Red Dolly got you covered!

The Red Dolly is tucked away up the slope toward Central City and away from the sparkle and glamour of the town’s main boulevard. It is a smaller, more traditional casino with an excellent selection of 130 modern and vintage slot machines apart from video poker.

Many staff members have worked at the casino for more than ten years and are friendly and pleasant. They offer a full-service pub and a steak restaurant on the premises.

The on-site restaurant deals with a wide selection of dishes at affordable costs. Visit here for a delectable dinner before trying your hand at a few slot machines. A selection of delicious appetizers includes a giant shrimp cocktail, chicken wings, and mozzarella sticks.

Salads, sandwiches, burgers, and Mexican food are all well-represented. The entrees include the sirloin beef, prime rib dinner, bacon-wrapped filet, roast beef, St. Louis-style BBQ ribs, roasted chicken, and country-fried steak or chicken. These meals set this restaurant apart!

Also, they serve trout, Atlantic salmon, and shrimp wrapped in bacon. Plus pasta dishes that are Italian and finish with a decadent dessert.

Remember that there are frequent promos and offers, so visit their website for information.

21. Dragon Tiger Casino

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Do you want to focus on playing and into modern slots? A time at Dragon Tiger Casino is worth it.

The Grand Z and Z Casino family includes Dragon Tiger Casino, formerly known as Johnny Z’s. All three properties make use of the same players club.

A two-story playing floor is available at Dragon Tiger Casino. Both levels have bar-top video poker and slot machines.

Most modern slots, electronic table games, and bar video poker are on the lower floor. Four different gaming modes are available on Casino Wizard machines. There are baccarat, craps, and roulette options.

Other poker games and a few solitary machines are present above. Quarters are available with a cash prize on Double Double Bonus, as well as half dollars, dollars, and two dollars.

Visit the brand-new Dragon Tiger Casino for unique entertainment. Enjoy the greatest Baccarat in Central City while playing the ideal combination of video poker, slots, and electronic table games. Do not forget to consume your complimentary beverage just brought to your machine!

20. The Famous Bonanza Casino

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

The thriving casino industry in Central City includes The Famous Bonanza Casino.

Since 1992, the same family has controlled the Famous Bonanza Casino in the neighborhood. This casino provides food and gaming under one roof and is in historical Central City on Main Street.

Fans of the old school will like the traditional coin slot machines. A Player’s Club is also to reward your commitment to the casino. Register for free to be entered to earn cash and benefits like complimentary meals at the restaurant.

Stella’s Cafe serves lunch and dinner any day of the week, and it is open later on Fridays and Saturdays. It is on the second level of The Famous Bonanza Casino. The family that controls the Easy Street Casino in downtown Central City also manages this casino.

You can try your good fortune at one of the two locally operated casinos!

19. Easy Street Casino

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Easy Street Casino is the location for all of you gamers out there.

Since 2000, a Central City-based family has owned and run the Easy Street Casino. It is situated right in the center of the action on Main Street, a historic street.

The name perfectly captures this casino’s vibe and personality. The relaxed and joyful atmosphere makes winning the jackpot much more satisfying.

There are opportunities to win – and to win big – with the seemingly limitless slots and thrilling video poker games available.

Apart from having a terrific ambiance, Easy Street Casino rewards Miners’ Club members with promotions. The further you play, the more points and cash you’ll receive!

You can pay for your snacks and meals or take home a little more money after a day of playing with the help of special weekly incentives, like double point Mondays on all slots.

18. Millie’s Restaurant

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Gaming sometimes will make you hungry; luckily, most area casinos also provide dining services.

The Easy Street Casino’s second level houses Millie’s Restaurant. The extensive menu at Millie’s, available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is sure to sate your appetite.

The menu at Millie’s Restaurant, close to Gold Coin Saloon, features a wide range of excellent dishes produced with top-notch ingredients and is entirely Instagrammable!

You instantly felt at ease and transported back in time as you dine in the manner of the royals, thanks to the exquisite Victorian decor!

Prime rib, fried chicken, the gambler’s special, burritos, french breakfast, and green chile are just a few delightful dishes on the menu.

Come by if you become hungry while playing games or seeing the city; the restaurant is open from Thursday through Sunday.

17. Chase Gulch Reservoir

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Chase Gulch Reservoir is the place to be if you want to do a little bit out of the ordinary while in Central City.

Hidden beauty in Central City is the Chase Gulch Reservoir. Try out various local activities to make the most of your time there.

The fact that the city owns this land and is accessible to the public for aquatic enjoyment is a plus. You can enjoy fly fishing, kayaking, or paddle boarding!

Also, you can reach the reservoir by going northwest Eureka Street and turning right to stay on Upper Apex Road at the fork. To get there, you must travel another mile or so on Upper Apex Road.

Keep in mind that the area surrounding the reservoir is private if you go. Chase Gulch Reservoir, one of the area’s few water recreation areas, is a must-see when it comes to things to do in Central City!

16. Washington Hall

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

For a bit of history and entertainment, visit Washington Hall.

The oldest continuously used government facility in Colorado is Washington Hall.

Sheriff Billy Cozens built this plain hall as a jail in 1861 using hewn logs. He is a talented carpenter, and his humble board-and-batten home at 201 East First High Street still stands.

It received clapboard sides and the second story in 1864 and was named Washington Hall.

Before they built their churches, several religious congregations, the Miners’ Court, and eventually the Territorial District Court met here.

The hall received renovation to resist much larger loads. As county operations relocated to the new courtroom in 1900, Central City purchased Washington Hall to serve as its city hall.

The Gilpin County Arts Association Gallery has been on the second floor since 1946, while the Gilpin Historical Society’s tour office is on the first.

Aside from the free Gilpin County Justice Exhibit, the Tour Office offers year-round excursions to St. James Methodist Church, the Thomas House, the Teller House, and the Opera House.

The ideal exhibit experience in Central City is by taking a tour here. Given that the costs are fair, for what are you still waiting?

15. Gilpin County Arts Association

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Since its founding in 1947, Gilpin Arts, also known as the Gilpin County Artists Association, has flourished.

Washington Hall is home to the state’s oldest continuously occupied structure and primary gallery, one of Colorado’s most distinctive gallery spaces.

Along with offering financial assistance to the RE-1 Gilpin County School art program, it aims to give Rocky Mountain artists the chance to showcase, exhibit, and sell their creations.

Throughout the year, the location features changing exhibitions, and the galleries have handcrafted items and original works of art in many media.

Also, the gallery is a great place to display your artwork!

Whenever you get the chance, don’t be reluctant to drop by! Enjoy the local artwork; who knows, yours might be among one of the exhibitions!

14. Gilpin County Museum

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

The largest and most complete of the Gilpin Historical Society’s venues is the Gilpin County Museum.

It is in what was formerly Central City’s brand-new, two-story school for the gold rush society in the middle of the 19th century.

The first sessions were held on October 24, 1870, after the construction of this two-story edifice school in Central City had started on June 24, 1869. In 1966, the institution saw its final graduating class.

The Gilpin History Museum debuted in 1971 after Gilpin Historical Society acquired possession of the structure 1970.

The museum is home to historical Gilpin County collections, with exhibits highlighting daily life and the residents of Gilpin County from the 1860s to the present.

The Mountain Submarine, a reenactment of Main Street, the Mining Room, a classroom, Gilpin County: Mining Camp to Home, and changing special exhibits are among the displays.

It is yet another fantastic location to check out while you’re nearby. The artifacts, tales, and images will undoubtedly make an enduring impression!

13. Bates Hunter Mine

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

If you finish being awestruck by different arts and artifacts, consider going on a tour of an active mining site!

Roughly 35 miles west of Denver, in the historic Central City mining district of Gilpin County, Colorado, is the Bates Hunter Mine, a historic shaft mine.

The most significant mining region in the Front Range mineral belt is Central City, the oldest mining sector in Colorado. The Mine covers an area of 22 acres and is home to numerous well-known gold veins.

It is one of the few open-pit operations that practice ethical mining. They leave the are better when they find it. And as they continue their trip into the Mine, they conduct business ethically and environmentally responsibly.

If you want to witness an active mine, go to Bates Hunter Mine! Plus, you can take advantage of tours!

12. Coeur d’ Alene Mine

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Coeur d’Alene Mine reached a depth of 700 feet and was in service from 1887 to 1942.

The Mine, which a woman once owned, never produced much, but it was consistent, and the structure is one of the few undamaged shaft houses still standing in Gilpin County.

The facility still contains a lot of the original machinery, and the vistas from the refuse area are breathtaking. It now serves as a lasting reminder of the mining history of Gilpin County.

Visitors can take tours of the structure, which is positioned on the crest of Academy Hill, to see old mining machinery up close, inside a Mineshaft house, and sweeping panoramas of Central City and Black Hawk.

If you’re looking for an awesome thing to do in Central City, don’t miss this location!

11. Earth Treasures Tour

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Another excellent tour alternative is by joining Earth Treasures Tour!

Travel by van with a qualified local guide while learning about the events, people, and locations that shaped Colorado’s early mining history.

The Earth Treasure Tour will allow you to learn about Central City’s extensive and fascinating American mining history and see the renowned Gregory Diggins, ghost villages, abandoned mines, and beautiful scenery.

Learn about the past of mining to understand the facts and regulations in place better now. Also, take a 30-minute pause to practice gold panning.

Aside from those, Earth Treasure Tour also accommodates private family gatherings, school outings, clubs, business events, and church trips.

Generally, it is a terrific activity to engage in whether you’re visiting alone or in a sizable company. Don’t forget to bring your lunch along while you pan for gold!

10. Blue Lantern Ghost Tours

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Let us change things a bit by going through some ghost tours!

One of the most spooky cities in the nation, Central City, Colorado, is the subject of uncensored, in-depth tours available at Blue Lantern Ghost Tours.

Up to 4 stops are available on this spooky tour, and there is a new story at each one.

A blue lantern that hangs from the tour leader indicates where to meet. With enough knowledge, they tell the stories so well that you would get the chills.

A haunted pub’s cellar serves as the tour’s first destination. The safe and old Denver is among the paranormal tales in this section.

The guide will tell more tales as you go along, and you’ll learn about various paranormal tools.

Think about taking this tour if you want a frightening experience. You’ll undoubtedly have a spooky good time!

9. Central City Masonic Cemetery

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

If you enjoy all things eerie and supernatural, you’re likely to be wary of spooky locations to explore. If that’s the case, get ready to quake in your boots when you visit the eerie and storied Central City Masonic Cemetery:

The aptly titled Central City Masonic Cemetery stashed between Central City, and Black Hawk can appear innocent at first glance. Still, it is the setting for numerous genuinely unsettling legends.

A former mining town turned gambling mecca known as the “Richest Square Mile on Earth,” Central City has welcomed a variety of colorful characters over the years. Some of these characters were even said to have passed away but are occasionally still spotted.

The Central City Masonic Cemetery is the most unsettling in the state because of the supposed spirits and ghosts that can be seen and heard moving about there.

Keep a look out for odd noises and orb-like appearances, which have both perplexed and alarmed paranormal investigators and visitors alike.

Also, the Central City cemetery is home to the infamous “Lady in Black,” an enigmatic figure that arrives on April 5 and November 1 to place flowers on the tomb of John Edward Cameron to add to these strange sights and sounds.

8. The Creepy Crawl

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Consider participating in Central City’s Creepy Crawl if you enjoy ghost hunting.

The Century Casino serves as the tour’s waiting area. The Gilpin County Historical Society members are in charge of these.

It begins at the Century Casino’s VIP lounge; the entry is on Gregory Street, and a green light indicates it. As you wait to board the tour, guests are sure to have coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies.

The tours are strategic for it to be completely dark outside when the excursions begin. You will have a  walk around the town, but not a tough one. Tours depart every 5 to 10 minutes, carrying roughly 50 people.

In Central City, where your adventure will begin, you will see old structures (some of which are off-limits the rest of the year). During these more than an hour walking tour, you will witness live recreations of killings, hauntings, and other spooky and macabre stories from Central City’s past.

It is an enjoyable activity for the whole family that will teach them about the less desirable facets of Central City history.

A pleasant trip through the town, some incredible history, and some lovely light scare. If you can’t make it this year, try it next year and list this trip as a must-do for the season.

7. The Hot Rod Hill Climb

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Are you a rider or a jalopy addict seeking excitement and fun in the larger Rocky Mountain area? Then you better make sure to attend the Hot Rod Hill Climb.

Since 2013, Mike “Nick” Nicholas has been the show’s creator and driving force. Nicholas has now organized a gathering with companion Troy Hastings of Roosters Rodz.

The show’s autophilic air is amplified by the village’s ancient vibe and the spectacular beauty of the surroundings because it is in gorgeous and historic Central City. You’ve got a tall and beautiful task ahead of you when you factor in the Hill Climb route, which climbs over 900 feet within a mile.

Expect a fantastic experience that might change yearly with many people from different states and countries!

6. The Central City Beerfest

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Are you looking for something fantastic in Central City as a beer enthusiast? Join in the fun at Central City Beerfest!

It is a historic hayride through the rural areas of Gilpin County, where the beer brewing industry first began.

Invite your colleagues for a Colorado exclusive featuring a hand-picked assortment of regional Colorado brewers with countless beer varieties to enjoy.

Attending breweries include Dostal Alley, Arvada Brewing, Tommyknocker, AC Golden, and others.

This event is for beer enthusiasts and is on the picturesque Main Street of Central City. Expect to meet the brewmasters and other important brewery staff members.

The event draws many to the nearby thrilling casinos, along with a selection of local food vendors and free live entertainment.

5. Stills in the Hills

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Grab your relatives and friends and join, sip, savor, and repeat on one big June day when historic Main Street transforms into one colossal speakeasy.

The Stills in the Hills festival commemorates the 17-year drinking ban that occurred during the dry period in the past.

Prepare for a weekend with live music, craft drinks, food, and alcohol tasting. Also, the festival includes a few enjoyable events you must not miss.

Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to try artisan spirits that you might not typically get to try!

Put on your best flapper attire or cuff your knickers to experience a taste of the Roaring ’20s at this speakeasy street festival. Although drinking is required to participate, the event is family-friendly.

4. Madam Lou Bunch Day

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Perhaps the most well-known annual occasion in Central City is Madam Lou Bunch Day.

The celebration honors Madam Lou Bunch, the town’s most prosperous brothel owner during the Gold Rush. Everyone knows that it’s the only madam-specific day anyplace in Colorado.

Madam Lou Bunch Day is a full-day event with lots to do and see. Participants can participate in a historic costume competition, eat various foods and beverages, and watch the procession on Main Street apart from supporting their preferred bed-racing “teams” and competing.

Other activities include appearances by the Infamous Backroom Cabaret and live music, with the Madam’s and Miner’s Ball capping off the evening.

Don’t miss this incredible once-a-year experience if you are traveling to Central City!

3. Mountain Menagerie

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

The casinos undoubtedly come to mind first when you think of Central City. Don’t forget about Mountain Menagerie, though!

It’s a different neighborhood shop offering vintage goods, including jewelry, glassware, and toys.

Feel free to stop to see them out, whether you only have a moment to peek inside or spend hours browsing everything.

The curators take extra care to bring goods with personality and a backstory to the store. Here, every little detail is essential to examine. Plus, you won’t leave empty-handed here!

Crafts, vintage clothing, quilts, candy, fossils, rocks, jewelry, hiking sticks, and coffee! There are three interesting stories here, as well as many exciting items.

A fantastic pleasure awaits you. Apart from casinos, you can look at these vendors. Who knows, you might get lucky and win big!

2. Mountain Heart Gallery

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

Are you searching for gifts or souvenirs to bring back from your trip? Visit Mountain Heart Gallery right away!

A store named Mountain Heart Gallery is proud to showcase about 30 Colorado artists! Apart from supporting local artists, the shop sells various goods and wooden flowers that make excellent presents for tourists and residents alike.

Magnificent works of art in little to huge sizes surrounds you as you go into the shop. The shop proprietor will share each item’s history as you purchase.

The location offers a variety of art and craft lessons aside from the products already on hand. You have an extraordinary chance to show off your artistic side!

The business is on Central City’s Main Street. Visit and take home at least one thing!

1. Hidee Gold Mine

The best things to do in Central City Colorado | Colorado vacation guide, Colorado travel

The penultimate thing to do in Central City is to experience its golden history by going to the Mine yourself!

Two miles southeast of the main town, off the Central City Parkway, is where you’ll find the Hidee Gold Mine. This open Central City mine provides a rare opportunity to tour an actual working gold mine.

The Virginia Canyon-Glory Hole Area is where the Mine is, referred to as the  “richest square mile on Earth.”  Since 1859, the mines in the area have yielded more than 5 billion.

All year long, Hidee Gold Mine offers excursions seven days a week. This family-friendly attraction has been welcoming visitors since 1988. Gold ore samples are given to each tour participant to make things even more special.

On this trip, you can learn about mining techniques from the past and current. Also, there is a chance to sample gold ore from a 5-foot vertical gold vein with a single jackhammer and chisel. And you get to keep the sample!

With a $160 purchase, groups can make reservations at any time; however, reservations are required at least one week in advance to be suitable for group and educational discounts.

Go gold and mineral panning, and keep anything you discover! When an adult is present, youngsters under 4 are free. Unfortunately, the winter months do not offer this seasonal activity.

Come prepared if you’re traveling to Central City, Colorado, as there are many activities to do. You’ll undoubtedly have a full day, from outdoor activities, excursions, and casinos to music, art, food, and drink.

Save this list of our 34 awesome things to do in Central City, Colorado, to your favorites to make the most of your time. Enjoy your adventure!

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