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11 Dazzling Hot Springs In Utah To Visit: Complete Guide

Utah is home to many natural wonders, ranging from towering sandstone cliffs to massive rock formations with unusual shapes. You may not realize that Utah is also home to some of the best hot springs in the world, many of which are just as beautiful as the megaliths.

On-site extras like waterslides, yoga on a paddleboard, and camping transform a day trip into a fun-filled weekend of several activities. These hot springs in Utah have a lot to offer!

On your epic Utah vacation, don’t miss out on these 11 blissful hot springs, which range from the mineral-rich waters of Red Hill to the cascading waters of Mystic.

11. Mystic Hot Springs

The best hot springs in Utah on your Utah vacation | Utah hot springs and Utah activities

Mystic Hot Springs is located near Monroe and boasts the “edge of the wilderness.” Mainly because you’re literally in the wild while you soak in these infamous Utah hot springs.

The hot spring’s minerals accumulated through time, and the rock structure that beautifies the cascading flow of water is fantastic. The lovely hot springs have a temperature range of 99 to 110 ℉.

There are two vast pools on site. The first pool’s vibe is more relaxed; it’s also deeper than the second one, with water up to your shoulders. Meanwhile, the second pool is a bit more “fun” and family-friendly since it’s more shallow.

Artificial structures also shelter five separate baths in structures that look like bathtubs. One person can fit in the tubs scattered across the property. Two baths are positioned on a hill facing the mountains and the fish ponds down – those views are incredible.

Mystic Hot Springs is home to six enormous fish ponds with a diversified ecosystem. At 4 p.m., you can feed the fish, so we recommend staying a bit on the late side. This is one of our favorite activities at this Utah hot spring!

The best hot springs in Utah on your Utah vacation | Utah hot springs and Utah activities

The 175-acre resort boasts a range of housing options, so this is one of the best hot springs in Utah to visit for a prolonged bacation. You can find the right area according to your tastes and budget, from antique cabins for hire that date back to the 1800s to rooms, buses, and campsites.

Stay at the Grow Cabin, a traditional pioneer-type log cabin. Only one cottage can be considered “contemporary” in Mystic Hot Springs. Pets are not permitted in this unit, which sleeps up to four people.

They include eight distinct, colorfully renovated antique school buses. Each comes with electricity and furniture. One of them is the “Gypsy Wagon,” which comes in various sizes, and is our favorite!

Both tent campsites and RVs are available. The latter can handle up to 40-footers, with power, water, and sewer connections from April to October.

If you’re never seen any of the hot springs in Utah, we recommend starting here. This is one of the most popular hot springs for a reason!

10. Meadow Hot Springs

The best hot springs in Utah on your Utah vacation | Utah hot springs and Utah activities

These clear and deep hot springs with geothermal water will keep you warm even on the coldest days.

Meadow Hot Springs is a private property situated just south of Fillmore with three bathing spots. The springs are accessible through a half-mile stroll. With temperatures hovering over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it is open all year and is dog-friendly.

It is about 2.5-3 hours from Salt Lake City and is located just south of Fillmore in the community of Meadow. Meadow Hot Springs is one of Utah’s most famous hot springs, so it’s easy to get to, but expect that it may be a bit crowded during the weekends.

Although Meadow Hot Springs is on privately owned land, visitors and campers are welcome as long as they clean up after and leave no trace. The owner supplies garbage cans and a tip jar, which he utilizes to keep the site clean for guests’ enjoyment.

The property has three pools with varying temperatures, but the nearest pool to the road is the hottest and deepest, measuring roughly 102°F and 27 feet deep. At best, the other two pools are lukewarm.

Meadow Hot Springs’ deepest pool is a fantastic freediving destination, unlike other hot springs in Utah. Locals have even attached a rope from the top to the bottom of the pit to aid divers’ navigation. If you plan to do the same, it goes without saying, but be cautious and know your limits.

9. Gandy Warm Springs

The best hot springs in Utah on your Utah vacation | Utah hot springs and Utah activities

Gandy Warm Springs is a desert oasis in western Utah. Its crystal clear waters provide an excellent way to warm yourself on a chilly day. You can explore a tranquil underwater tunnel that makes you feel more like you’re in a tropical paradise than in the desert.

Nearby attractions include Great Basin National Park, Devils Gate Slot Canyon, and Crystal Ball Cave, all within a few minutes’ drive. In the summer, the water is refreshingly chilly, but in the winter, it is toasty, so this is one of the best year-round hot springs in Utah to visit. According to the Utah Geological Survey, the water here can get as hot as 81°F.

Gandy Warm Springs has three natural pool spots to explore: the lower, middle, and upper pools.

The middle pool has a little waterfall and a small tunnel, making it the most popular. It is a unique pool with a waterfall and a cave at the end. Make sure to carry a headlamp so you can see into the cave – claustrophobic people should avoid the cave.

From the middle pool, you must walk to the upper pool. The upper pool is shallow and designed for lounging rather than swimming, so it’s a great spot for adults who want more of a lazy day. It’s situated on the ledges above the middle pool.

The Lower Pool is approximately 1/2 mile east of the Middle Pool and Cave. The lower pool area is more of a place in the river than an actual pool. It has more of a stream in spots and is deeper than the other two pools.

There are restrooms at the Bates Family Ranch, which is less than 10 minutes from the Warm Springs if you go on a tour of the Crystal Ball Cave.

About 10 minutes from Warm Springs, Bates Family Ranch provides cabins and camping.

8. Saratoga Hot Springs

The best hot springs in Utah on your Utah vacation | Utah hot springs and Utah activities

Saratoga Hot Spring is a beautiful natural bathing spring found in Utah Lake’s northwest edge marshes. It is also referred to as Inlet Hot Spring.

To get to the spring, park in Inlet Park and walk south on the cement walkway. After 150 yards, you’ll come to a grove of trees, and the soaking pool will be on your left, surrounded by reeds, mud, and spectacular views of the Wasatch Mountains.

The water is at a pleasant temperature, hovering about 100°F. The city has supplied a seat and towel rack, which are beneficial since the pool’s area is nearly always muddy. Even though there is plenty of space, weekends might be packed – this is one of the more popular Utah hot springs.

When you’re done bathing, follow the short walk out to the shore of Utah Lake, where you can go bird watching and take panoramic shots of the mountains. From this vantage point, the sunset is breathtaking. But keep track of the return route since it might be difficult to find amid the reeds, particularly after dark.

Filled with mineral elements that offer therapeutic advantages for your skin and assist in relaxing your muscles, these Utah hot springs provide the ideal location to sit back, unwind, and take in the immensity of the blue sky above you.

7. Red Hill Hot Springs

The best hot springs in Utah on your Utah vacation | Utah hot springs and Utah activities

Surrounded by the beautiful red granite of southern Utah, Red Hill Hot Springs is a well-known spot for travelers. This Utah hot spring, which sits on a hill above Monroe, is popular with visitors because of its convenient location and sense of seclusion.

Even though the property is privately held, the owners have given it to the public for usage. Red Hill Hot Springs is sometimes overlooked in favor of the more touristic Mystic Hot Springs, which is just four miles away and attracts more significant numbers each year. On the other hand, the Springs provide a once-in-a-lifetime chance to soak in mineral water while surrounded by gorgeous red rock and away from the crowd.

Anyone is welcome to visit these non-commercialized pools at any time of year. This stunning location is just a short drive away if you’re ever in southern Utah. We think these are some of the best Utah hot springs because they offer the beautiful look/scenery without the crowds.

The temperatures in each of the four pools are different. The pool nearest to the source is the hottest, with a high temperature that makes swimming difficult (it’s that hot), followed by three other pools that gradually become colder. As the water runs down the hill to each pool, it loses heat as it gets farther away from the spring’s source.

Each pool is tiny, with just a few individuals able to use it. You and your mates will become quick friends! With roughly 3 feet of water, the pool nearest to the spring is the deepest. Depending on when you arrive, the other three pools contain between 1 and 2 feet of water.

Murky mineral water combines with the red granite in the pools. None of the pools are fortified with barriers to keep the all-natural appearance. Guests can either enter the waters or relax on the red sand or rocks around the edge.

This is definitely one of the more natural hot springs in Utah but is so beautiful and has tons of beneficial minerals! I can’t recommend it enough.

6. Ogden Hot Springs

The best hot springs in Utah on your Utah vacation | Utah hot springs and Utah activities

You can find this spring just off of Ogden Canyon Road. These artificial pools are supplied with water by a hose from a concrete collecting system, since the springs are just across the river. The water temperature in these Utah hot springs is roughly 100°F.

Ogden Hot Springs is known for its riverfront position. It consists of two enormous ponds cut into the rock, located close to the beautiful Ogden River. You must cross the river to get to the hot spring, so be sure you have the necessary supplies. The most fantastic time to visit these Utah hot springs is in the middle to late summer, when the river is at its lowest. When the river is high, fording it might be risky.

Because the springs are popular with families and children, skinny dippers should be cautious. Expect a crowd throughout the spring and summer months. Parking is provided just off the canyon road, although it’s limited and only holds a few vehicles.

If you’re planning a trip to the springs during the winter, proceed with care. Some experienced a solid ice route, with a 15-foot plunge to the river below in several spots.

5. Horseshoe Springs

The best hot springs in Utah on your Utah vacation | Utah hot springs and Utah activities

Found in an oasis-like setting, Horseshoe Springs is located in western Utah’s Skull Valley, once known as Spring Valley.

Horseshoe Springs got its name from the “horseshoe shape” formed by two natural springs merging and running north into the Great Salt Lake. While visiting the springs, it is difficult to see the “U” form; nevertheless, the “U” is visible from any height.

Horseshoe Springs is a warm spring, with an average year-round temperature of 70 ℉. Winter is certainly not the ideal time to soak, but a dip in 70-degree water would be a terrific way to chill down in the summer.

In addition, the water in the springs is crystal transparent, allowing visitors to observe the fish swimming in the depths.

This is definitely a nature lover’s haven. ATV routes, hiking, and exploring the abandoned village of Iosepa are among the numerous additional activities accessible in the region.

Take a few minutes to stop at Horseshoe Springs the next time you drive along I-80. Go for a walk down the boardwalk, relax in the hot tub, try your hand at fishing, or read the instructive plaques about the area’s history.

4. Baker Hot Springs

The best hot springs in Utah on your Utah vacation | Utah hot springs and Utah activities

Three soaking baths are available at Baker Hot Springs. Each of the three tubs is big enough to hold a large group. The tubs are filled from two different sources: the hot water is carried in one ditch, while the cold water is taken in the other.

Baker is well-known in the surrounding town of Delta, Utah; therefore, skinny dipping is not recommended. But it’s great if you want the exact right water temperature since the temperature is entirely within your control.

There is a vast parking space at the spring that can accommodate numerous vehicles. A gravel trail leads to the springs’ source, north of the parking lot. If you visit this location, keep an eye on your children since there are various hot pools where they might easily get lost.

When visiting Baker Springs, use care. The hot water supply is incredibly hot, and you must chill it before soaking.

3. Crystal Hot Springs

The best hot springs in Utah on your Utah vacation | Utah hot springs and Utah activities

Crystal Hot Springs is in Honeyville, Utah, 12 miles north of Brigham City. It is unique in that there are both hot and cold springs. The hot spring temperature varies between 120 and 134℉, and it has the greatest mineral concentration in the United States, making it one of the best hot springs in Utah for therapeutic purposes.

More than 8,000 gallons of hot water reach the surface every five minutes, carrying roughly 900,000 pounds of mineral throughout 24 hours. The source of the cold spring is barely fifty feet away from the hot spring. The spring discharges approximately 9,000 gallons every five minutes, or 2.6 million gallons per day, with temperatures ranging from 65 to 75°F.

Three jetted hot tubs, a soaker pool, a lap pool, an Olympic-sized pool, and two 360-foot water slides make up Crystal Hot Springs’ pool area. Except for the slide pool, all pools are filled with a mixture of water from the two springs.

This Utah campsite has fire rings, drinking water, flush toilets, showers, and laundry facilities. Changing rooms and meeting areas are located in a big stone lodge at the entryway. There is a sand volleyball court at the far end. A gorgeous grass-covered and tree-lined campsite surrounds the pools and offers complete RV hookups and camping for tents. There are more than a hundred sites to pick from here.

There’s also a wonderful carp pond on the campground’s west side that’s a lot of fun to fish. Try chumming the water with breadcrumbs, then baiting your line with bread and tossing it into the mix. It is unlike any other fish bite you’ve ever experienced.

This is definitely one of the best hot springs in Utah if you want a full-on vacation and lots of attractions!

2. Homestead Crater

The best hot springs in Utah on your Utah vacation | Utah hot springs and Utah activities

One of Utah’s best-kept secrets is hidden in Heber Valley. The Homestead Crater in Midway is a geothermal hot spring formed about 10,000 years ago when melting snow plunged deep into the soil and was heated by the earth’s core. Warm water surged to the surface, picking up minerals and forming the Homestead Crater, a beehive-shaped limestone deposit.

Tourists from all over the world visit the Crater to see this natural phenomenon; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. The mineral-rich water is kept at a constant temperature of 90-96 °F all year and you can rest in it while enjoying the fresh mountain air and sunshine through the aperture at the top of the dome.

But don’t worry; you won’t have to launch 55 feet from the dome’s aperture. For easier access, take the tunnel through the slope of the Crater.

You don’t need to be a scuba diving expert to explore the Homestead Crater since all skill levels are welcome. But the Homestead is the greatest destination for scuba divers and diving enthusiasts worldwide, with a depth of 65 feet and a 400-foot-wide base.

If scuba diving isn’t on your list of activities, you can swim, soak, snorkel, or visit the hot spring. Homestead Resort provides life jackets and snorkels so that the whole family can enjoy the warm mineral water.

Also, the Homestead Crater offers paddleboard yoga courses for a more vigorous yet calming experience. The Crater, dubbed the oldest yoga studio globally, is a sought-after yoga venue.

They offer yoga classes every day of the week, including Restorative Paddleboard Yoga and sunrise/sunset hikes/snowshoes followed by paddleboard yoga. No prior yoga experience is required, and if you fall off your paddleboard, the warm geothermal water will catch you.

This is definitely one of the best Utah hot springs to visit in you want some insane views and deep, warm water.

1. Fifth Water Hot Springs

The best hot springs in Utah on your Utah vacation | Utah hot springs and Utah activities

Fifth Water Hot Springs is a popular hiking destination little over an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City, partially because of its beauty and accessibility. The hot springs are pretty famous, attracting large numbers of people on weekends throughout the summer.

There are many soaking pools to choose from. The water is transparent, and you can adjust the temperature by situating yourself in the pools and changing the water flow into the pools.

Warning: some people like to swim naked in the pools. Although it is against the law, it is usual to see individuals in their underwear here.

The best hot springs in Utah on your Utah vacation | Utah hot springs and Utah activities

The primary soaking pool is located close to the lower waterfall. The second waterfall is a photogenic multi-tiered cascade worth seeking out (counting up from the bottom). You will find a third waterfall farther up the stream.

The water becomes bluer as you come closer to Fifth Water Hot Springs. It will be such a distinct hue of blue that you have never seen before, making this one of the best hot springs in Utah for photos.

The snow usually is nicely compacted in the winter, and you can easily hike to the hot springs without snowshoes. You’ll need a four-wheel-drive car to get to the trailhead, though.

There’s no lack of places to stay in Salt Lake City. Some of the excellent hotels here are SLC Hostel, Little America Hotel, and Grand America Hotel. We definitely recommend spending a few days here for the full effect!

Things To Know Before Bathing in Hot Spring

Soaking in one of Utah’s hot springs is a highly calming and pleasurable experience. Seriously: these Utah hot springs are therapeutic in more ways than one! The mineral water provides several health advantages.

However, some people with pre-existing health conditions must take care to enjoy risk-free thermal bathing. Here are a few reminders when you plan to bathe in a hot spring:

  • Pregnant women should avoid using hot springs without first consulting a doctor.
  • Before soaking in hot water, those with circulatory system difficulties, cardiovascular problems, low or high blood pressure, and diabetes should consult a doctor.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the water’s edge.
  • Overheating should be avoided at all costs – take breaks if needed.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.
  • Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks as much as possible before swimming.

These are Utah’s best bubbling and steaming springs! If you’ve ever visited one of these tranquil havens, let us know about your experience.

If you’re heading on a road trip, check out our post all about the top hot springs in Nevada.

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