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14 Completely Natural Hot Springs In Florida

Looking to visit the most gorgeous, 100% natural hot springs in Florida? Here are our favorite spots!

If you are planning a nice trip to Florida but you have had enough of the usual theme parks and overly crowded beaches, then you want to keep reading! Today, we’re taking a closer look at a gem of Florida natural treasures: natural hot springs in Florida.

With more than 700 springs spread throughout the state, it could be hard to pick the best places! So to narrow it down, today we present you our favorite 14 gorgeous natural & hot springs in Florida that you should check out.

14. Devil’s Den

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

This natural spring outside of Ocala in central Florida will simply blow your mind and make you feel like you’re in another world.

You will find this spring underground making it a hidden gem that you can easily reach through a wooden staircase that will lead you to the cavern.

Devil’s den is the perfect spot for divers as you can go down up to 54 feet, but it’s also great for those who are just looking for a beautiful place to relax because here, the water is always going to be 72°F.

The area also features cabins, RV parking, picnic tables, and even a heated swimming pool, so this place is great for families too!

13. Warm Mineral Springs

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

Here you will find beautiful waters known to be the richest mineral contents in all of the U.S.

The main feature about this place is of course the water temperature, which never goes down below 85°F, and is one of the reasons why over 100.000 people visit every year.

You can visit all year round but we suggest you avoid the summertime as it can get very crowded.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a relaxing day then Warm Mineral Springs is a good choice. Keep in mind that you book a variety of spa services before your arrival.

12. Madison Blue Springs

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

Madison Blue Springs is simply a must-see when it comes to the natural beauties of Florida. This spring is not only one of the best in Florida but it was voted number one swimming hole in the whole Unites States!

The spring itself is 82 feet wide and 25 feet deep and the water here is just incredible.

Crystal clear pure clean water will make you want to swim around this place for hours, but keep in mind that you can also rent a canoe and go searching for manatees.

If you are looking for a more adventurous experience, you should check out the intricate cave system that lies just outside the main path.

You can also find a small beach where it is possible to enjoy a nice picnic lunch while looking at one of the best springs in the country. Overall, this is our top choice for hot springs in Florida to spend a full day!

11. Three Sisters Springs

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

Three Sisters Springs is probably the number one spring in Florida when it comes to clean water. You won’t need to dive: you can see perfectly through the water from any vantage point!

Located in Crystal River in Northern Florida this natural spring is one of the best places to go when looking for manatees.

Here the preservation of the spices is a priority, and that’s why no motorized boats are allowed in the area, so you will be immersed in a natural reserve.

You will have to rent a paddle boat to enjoy this spring and you can do so from either Hunter Springs Park or Kings Bay Park which are the main boat launching spots around the spring.

If you have already cruised these beautiful waters and still want to admire this natural treasure, check out the wooden boardwalk at Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, with more than 57 acres of wetlands to explore.

10. Rainbow Springs

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

Rainbow Springs is a truly magical place. Florida natives believed that these crystal clear waters had magical curative powers and many still believe so today.

The springs follow the Rainbow river and this is a very popular spot so expect to find crowds during peak times.

You will find a nice sandy beach at the start of the river and here you can sit back and enjoy the fresh climate that the surrounding nature has to offer.

There are also many campsites all along the river, so if you want to explore this natural spring with a kayak or a canoe, we highly recommend camping for a night!

But the activities that you can enjoy are extremely varied, making this spring one of the best in Florida for camping; we highly recommend you swim around the spring looking for turtles in the water.

9. Ginnie Springs

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

If you are looking for a place that will make you forget everything that stresses you out then you have to visit Ginnie Springs.

The main activities here are all in the water, which is simply immaculate. You can rent any gear you need for snorkeling, scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and rafting.

However, if you are not looking for an immersive submarine experience, the spring also features nice areas such as a volleyball court, a picnic grill area if you want to enjoy a nice meal, and several campsites if you want to spend a night at one of the best hot springs in Florida.

8. Homosassa Springs

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

This natural treasure technically comprises more than 30 natural springs, making it one of the largest in the state.

Located in the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, Homosassa Springs are for sure one of a kind, with both salty and freshwater fish due to the unique minteral content.

And it is one of them that brings here many tourists every year, the Underwater Observatory is the best place to catch sight of the beautiful manatee.

7. Weeki Wachee

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

Weeki Wachee natural spring in Hernando county is the best place for families with kids.

We know it, theme parks are just all over Florida and it’s even hard to pick one – but Weeki Wachee is a great choice for those who want to have fun while enjoying nature at its finest.

Here, only the so-called Buccaneer Bay is a theme park area but not quite the usual one; this is the only water park fed by the natural spring itself.

Weeki Wachee is also a great spot for divers! The water around this spring is majestic, with emerald green and blue colors it is one of the clearest of all-natural springs in Florida.

6. Ichetucknee Springs

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

Just one hour’s drive north of Gainesville you will find Ichetucknee Springs, a beautiful fresh spot where the environment will make you forget that you are this close to Gainesville.

Situated in the homonymous Ichetucknee Springs State Park, the springs are 9 and each of them is a stunning body of water to discover.

All around the park, you will be refreshed by the shade of tall oak trees, pines, and cypress. But if you want to beat a hot sunny day then you can splash in the crystal clear waters of Ichetucknee.

The activities around here all feature some type of boat, and there are plenty of choices. If you are looking for a nice exciting day then you can rent a kayak. If you want to relax a bit more then the tubing is a great choice. And lastly, if you don’t want a boat at all then check out scuba diving gear renting facilities on the shores of the river.

5. Ponce de Leon Springs

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

If you are looking for a nice place where you can enjoy many different activities surrounded by a fresh natural paradise then Ponce de Leon is the place for you.

There’s so much to do here both inside and outside the water.

If you want to refresh you can enjoy some snorkeling or scuba diving in these crystal clear waters or simply swim around with a nice 68 °F temperature constant all year round.

One of the perks of this natural spring is the environment that surrounds the waters; here you will find a green forest that is also home to two main hiking trails.

All around the spring area you can find picnic tables, grills, and cabins. Since the water temperature is great all year round, the park can get quite crowded so we suggest a weekdays visit to avoid big crowds of tourists.

4. Gilchrist Blue Springs

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

The springs at Gilchrist Blue are just one of the many treasures you will find in this new state park home to one of the best natural hot springs in Florida.

We are not far from Lake City yet it looks like a whole other world!

There are many small springs spread throughout the park but the main one is massive, and it is the best spot for snorkeling and paddling.

You will have to wake up a little early to enjoy this beautiful destination as it gets crowded fast because of its small capacity.

If you don’t want to dip in the beautiful water of this spring you can walk one of the many trails that are marked in the park and while you do it make sure to keep an eye out for local wildlife!

3. Juniper Springs

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

Juniper Springs is one of the oldest springs in the state and must be on your list when visiting Florida.

Located in the Ocala National Forest, these natural springs are the main source for Juniper Creek which leads finally into Lake George.

Here the water is so clear that you can see through it without any goggles and has this turquoise color that is one of a kind.

At Juniper, you can enjoy a nice 72°F water temperature all-year-round which is perfect for swimming.

The area is very nice for kids because it offers many natural spots for jumping that are safe and on top of that you will find a dedicated platform from which you can challenge your friends to a jumping competition.

The spring is beautiful from every point of view but we suggest renting a kayak or a canoe to enjoy a long amazing trip down the waterway.

2. Rock Springs Kelly Park

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

If you are planning a trip to Florida this summer, you are going to desperately search for a place to cool down and today we present you just that perfect place: Rock Springs Kelly Park.

You will love it here in the summer as this is one of the coldest springs in the state with a constant water temperature of 68°F.

Rock Springs Kelly is made up of several free-flowing springs that are home to many beautiful animals, such as the turtles, that will follow you during a snorkeling session.

This place is also great for families and people who are traveling with an RV, there’s plenty of parking and nice campsites all around the park.

1. Wakulla Springs

The best natural hot springs in Florida to visit

Probably the best spring for scuba diving and snorkeling, Wakulla Springs is one of the deepest freshwater natural springs on planet earth.

This global record of course draws many tourists and divers here daily but don’t worryL you are in the largest and biggest natural spring on earth, and there’s plenty of space.

Located just 30 miles south of Tallahassee Wakulla is part of the Ed Ball Wakulla Springs State Park that is rich in hiking trails and easy paths immersed in this unique natural setting.

This site is so popular for scuba divers not only because of its depth but because of the intricate and equally stunning underwater cave system that spreads all around the area.

If you want to take a closer look at local wildlife then take part in the 45 minutes long River Boat Tour available at the park.

Hopefully, this post showed you some of the most gorgeous hot springs in Florida and made you want to visit! Seriously: we can’t recommend any of these Florida hot springs enough. There’s just so much natural beauty in the state! Enjoy!

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