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15 Must-Visit Breakfast & Brunch Spots in Key West

If you’re looking for the best spots for breakfast in Key West or want a delicious and classic Key West brunch, you’re in luck – we’re sharing our favorite options today!

Key West is famous for its beautiful beaches, clear water, and busy nightlife. But did you know it also has some of the Florida’s best places to eat? Whether you live or just visiting this beautiful island city, there are many fantastic breakfast and brunch places. 

From traditional American food to dishes inspired by the Caribbean, this island paradise has something for everyone. You can get it all here if you want a classic dish like eggs benedict or something more unusual like coconut pancakes.

The best part is that you can expect fresh, local products and unique and creative dishes! And of course, there are plenty of spots with gorgeous waterfront views.

So, whether you’re a food lover looking to explore new culinary experiences or simply looking for a delicious meal to start your day, check out these 15 must-visit Key West breakfast and brunch spots!

15. Southernmost Beach Cafe

1405 Duval St, Key West, FL | American, Caribbean, Bar | $11 – $30 | Monday to Sunday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

Southernmost Beach Cafe is a secret gem on the island of Key West. As the name suggests, it is right on the beach, making it a beautiful view and a great place to have breakfast or brunch in Key West.

The beach, the ocean, and Cuba, only 90 miles away, are all in the backyard of Southernmost Beach Cafe. And when you combine the fresh, bright, and airy decor and the colorful lights, you will be in a perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing meal!

Furthermore, Chef Matt Slattery is good at making dishes that mix Asian and Western flavors. You’ll fall in love with his food because of the Eastern touches. 

As for the food, there’s something for everyone, from traditional American meals to new and interesting ones. 

For breakfast or brunch, you can start with their famous Crab Cake Benedict or Avocado Toast, which are must-tries. Meanwhile, their French Toast or Pancakes will do the trick if you want something more bready. And if you’re going to try something new, opt for their Lobster Omelet.

But there’s more! Their cocktail menu is just as excellent, with drinks like the Mango Mimosa, Bloody Mary, and Aperol Spritz that are both tasty and refreshing. Plus, they have a wide range of beverages that don’t contain alcohol, such as freshly squeezed juices and smoothies.

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14. Azur Restaurant

425 Grinnell St, Key West, FL | Italian, French, Spanish | $11 – $30 | Monday to Sunday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

In the middle of Old Town in Key West, you’ll find a classy brunch to have a treat for yourself! Azur is calling you, and it’s only a few blocks from Duval.

Cooks and restaurant owners Michael Mosi and Drew Wenzel started Azur. It serves Mediterranean food and is one of the island’s most exciting places to eat. Walking into Azur Restaurant, you’ll see a warm, welcoming design that gives off a sense of style and sophistication. The atmosphere is cozy and intimate, with soft lighting and accessible seating that make you want to relax and enjoy the show. 

You can dine on a shaded patio or remodeled dining room when you visit. And if you are lucky, you can even get to sit by a waterfall!

When it comes to breakfast and brunch, Azur Restaurant truly shines. It has all types of meals, from pancakes and waffles to lobster hash and truffle eggs benedict. Their pastries are also delicious. Croissants, muffins, and scones are made fresh every day and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Try something light like the Key Lime French Toast or rich like the Crab Cake Benedict. Also, the Fresh Spinach & Sheep’s Feta is the best choice if you prefer frittatas. If you want something heartier, the Crabcake BLT is among the best thing to eat!

This Key West brunch restaurant doesn’t have water views but has the cutest little outside eating area that feels quintessentially Key West.

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13. Hot Tin Roof Restaurant

0 Duval St, Key West, FL | American, Seafood, Vegetarian Friendly | $31 – $60 | Monday to Sunday 8:00 am – 11:30 am and 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

Hot Tin Roof is in the Ocean Key Resort next to Mallory Square. It is where you’ll find some of the best breakfast in Key West! This spot is well-known for a reason.

First of all, this restaurant’s position can’t be beat. It is on the top level of the Ocean Key Resort and has stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico and the famous Sunset Pier

Both the decor and the atmosphere of this place are very nice. It has a modern look with sleek furniture and soft lighting that gives off grace and sophistication while keeping a casual feel.

Chef Scott Maurer adds a Latin American twist to the standard American style with his small plates. He brought his knowledge from working in the food and drink business for 20 years. Because of his skills in the kitchen, Maurer is an excellent fit for Ocean Key Resort. 

At Hot Tin Roof, only the freshest and best ingredients from nearby farms and companies are on the menu, especially for breakfast and brunch. 

There’s something for everyone on the food list, from traditional breakfast foods like eggs benedict, pancakes, and waffles to unique dishes like lobster quiche, smoked salmon bagel, and avocado toast.

We recommend the crab cake benedict with properly poached eggs, tasty crab cakes, and hollandaise sauce. You can also try the French toast with cream cheese and fresh berries in the middle. 

And if you’re feeling brave, try the conch and grits, an absolute favorite on the island!

You’ll want to make a reservation on the weekends – this is one of the most popular Key West brunch spots.

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12. Moondog Cafe

823 Whitehead St, Key West, FL | American, Café, Healthy | $11 – $30 | Monday to Sunday 7:30 am – 10:00 pm 

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

Moondog Cafe in Key West is one of the best places for breakfast or brunch because of its delicious food and cozy atmosphere. If you want to start your day in a relaxing, private setting, it is the place to be!

The decor is super eclectic and cozy inside, with various paintings on the walls. Cute cats and a French bulldog peek out from stylized flowers and plants. Besides that, you will see a lit, wall-mounted bicycle with wheels that look like the vowels in the word “moon.”

This warm and easygoing atmosphere is excellent for slow mornings and meals. And the best part is that you can sit inside or outside and sip your coffee while enjoying the sunny Florida weather! The outdoor area is just so cute and feels like typical downtown Key West – you can sit at an eclectic table on the patio under palm trees and enjoy people-watching.

It doesn’t matter if you miss breakfast at Moondog, since the menu is all day. When you visit, try the Quiche Lorraine with roast ham, applewood bacon, sautéed onions, and gruyere cheese. The breakfast tacos and Huevos Rancheros are excellent choices.

You’re in luck if you’re looking for something sweet because Moondog Cafe is a full bakery! You’ll love baked brunch sweets like Blueberry-Lemon Quinoa Pancakes, Brioche French Toast, croissants, cinnamon rolls, and Gateau Breton.

This is our #1 Key West breakfast spot because breakfast is served everyday (with cocktails!) and the atmosphere is just so much fun.

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11. The Breakfast Club, Too

610 Greene St, Key West, FL | American, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options | $11 – $30 | Monday to Sunday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

Don’t forget about the Breakfast Club, Too, when looking for the best breakfast in Key West! 

The warm wood details and bright colors inside The Breakfast Club, Too, make it feel like a home away from home as soon as you walk in. The friendly and helpful staff will meet you with a smile and ensure your meal is nothing less than amazing.

When it comes to the menu, there are so many tasty choices that it can be hard to choose. No matter which one you prefer, you can get hearty amounts of food and some local favorites at each. Classic breakfast foods like pancakes, eggs benedict, and omelets are always a good choice. On the other hand, the brunch menu is just as good, with tempting items like a sandwich with bacon, scrambled eggs, avocado, tomato, and cheddar cheese on a ciabatta bun. 

When you come, don’t forget to try the tasty Cheddar Biscuits. Other great choices are the Chorizo Hash, the Lobster Benedict, the Stuffed French Toast, and the Rosemary Dijon Sausage.

Is brunch really brunch if you don’t have a drink? The Breakfast Club, Too, has 11 different Bloody Marys and 11 Signature Mimosas. There are no mixers in bottles here, and every glass is made from scratch when you order it.

If you don’t want to drink alcohol, you can enjoy treats from the Gratitude Island Coffee specialty espresso bar. Getting a drink here is always nice because they taste so good constantly.

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10. Cuban Coffee Queen Waterfront

284 Margaret St, Key West, FL | Quick Bites, Cuban, Vegetarian Friendly | Under $10 | Monday to Sunday 6:30 am – 7:00 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

Are you ready for a wonderful breakfast or brunch in Key West to start your day? The Cuban Coffee Queen Waterfront is the place you need to go. This charming outdoor counter service booth has beautiful views, colorful art, excellent service, and food that will make your mouth water. 

It’s a great place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful water views because of the bright decor and beachy vibe. 

Plus, this place has a great collection of breakfast and brunch options. You can get all your favorites, like Huevos Rancheros, Breakfast Sandwiches, and even tasty Cuban treats. Of course, the coffee is also amazing!

For a great deal, try the Sunrise Special. You get a 12-ounce coffee con leche and half of a Key Wester sandwich. It has two eggs, American cheese, and your pick of ham, bacon, sausage, chorizo, turkey, or pork on pressed Cuban bread.

Or try the Cuban Poppers to spice up your morning. Cream cheese and jalapenos on Cuban bread are on this delicious treat that will surely wake you up.

On the other hand, smoothies made from only fruit are a fun way to change your breakfast routine. Some allergy-fighting recipes use local bee pollen, while others use Emergen-C.

This is one of the best places for a quick Key West breakfast. Walk right up to the outdoor counter to order, and you’ll be on your way in no time at all!

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9. Croissants de France

816 Duval St, Key West, FL | French, Bakery, Cafe | $11 – $30 | Monday and Tuesday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm, Thursday to Sunday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

Another place to go in Key West for sampling top breakfast or brunch fare is Croissants de France. This lovely French bakery and cafe is right next to the busy center of Old Town.

The moment you walk in, you’ll feel like you’re in a cozy little cafe in the middle of Paris. The decor is rustic and stylish, with open brick walls, wooden countertops, and old photos. At the same time, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and the smell of newly baked croissants fills the air. 

But the service here is just as good as the atmosphere. The helpful staff is always ready to help you choose from the menu of French pastries, sandwiches, salads, and more that will make your mouth water. 

You can’t go wrong with a traditional decadent croissant and a strong cup of coffee. Also, try the Eggs Benedict or the Quiche Lorraine to treat yourself, while the yogurt bowl or the fruit salad if you want something lighter.  Don’t forget to try their famous Pain Perdu, either. It is a thick French toast topped with fresh berries and whipped cream.

I highly recommend you sit outside! The covered patio is so European (mixed with Key West, of course!) and is filled with beautiful greenery. This is one of my favorite places for a weekend brunch in Key West, including cocktails!

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8. Banana Cafe

1215 Duval St, Key West, FL | French, American, Café | $11 – $30 | Monday to Sunday 7:30 am – 9:30 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

The Banana Cafe, a French restaurant in the middle of downtown, serves some of the best breakfast and brunch in Key West. This restaurant is only two minutes from the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.

The art and cozy atmosphere at Banana Cafe will make you feel warm and comfortable. You’ll find a friendly, calm, and lively atmosphere, making it a great place to meet up with friends or have a quiet breakfast. Seating is mostly indoors and has a really eclectic upscale-diner vibe.

The cafe’s colored walls are with local art, and there’s plenty of natural light coming in. This bright and happy surrounding is ideal to start your day!

On the menu, you’ll find creative Caribbean takes on old favorites. You can choose from pancakes, egg sandwiches, and omelets made the way you like them. 

The French Egg Sandwich is also a popular dish. This dish features a croissant with breakfast potatoes, layers of eggs, ham, sautéed onion, and Swiss cheese. Yum!

Even if you come later in the morning and don’t want breakfast, you can still order brunch delights like Baked Escargot, the Quiche of the Day, or tasty Shrimp Mac & Cheese.

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7. Goldman’s Deli

2796 N Roosevelt Blvd, Key West, FL | American, Café, Deli | $11 – $30 | Monday to Saturday 7:00 am – 3:30 pm, Sunday 7:00 am – 3:00 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

Every city has its secret treasures, and Key West is no exception. Goldman’s Deli has some of Key West’s best breakfasts.

Goldman’s Deli is hard to find because it is in a strip mall in Overseas Market. But when you get inside and try the famous boiled-and-baked bagels, you’ll never forget them. This is definitely one of the local Key West breakfast spots!

You feel you’ve returned in time when you walk into Goldman’s Deli. The site looks old and has a lot of character, with black-and-white checkered floors, wooden booths, and old pictures and other items on the walls.

It’s small, cozy, and has a warm, friendly vibe making you feel at ease. You’ll love the laid-back atmosphere, whether stopping in for a quick morning bite or settling in for brunch. Here, locals and tourists are talking and laughing as they share plates of delicious food.

Choose from omelets, deli burgers, and fresh soups that are all very good. Plus, everything on the menu tastes the same as in a deli in New York.

Goldman’s is known for bagels with savory tastes like garlic and cranberry. Pairing it with nova, sriracha, veggie, onion, honey walnut, or other tasty spreads is best.

If you’re trying to be healthy, get the Hearty Breakfast Burrito. It has chicken sausage, a range of colorful vegetables, and a sun-dried tomato wrap. Also, try the Nova and Latke Platter, which comes with applesauce, sour cream, two eggs, and a bagel or toast to give you a real taste of New York!

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6. Harpoon Harry’s

832 Caroline St, Key West, FL | American, Café, Diner | $11 – $30 | Monday to Sunday 6:30 am – 9:00 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

Visit Harpoon Harry’s for a classic diner vibe that will take you to the good days of the past. You can sit inside or outdoors on the patio overlooking the ocean.

This place has a laid-back island vibe, making you feel at home in Key West. The decor and atmosphere are charming and cozy, making it a superb place to enjoy a meal with family or friends.

Even better, Harpoon Harry’s has a lot of tasty choices for breakfast or brunch. Traditional dishes on their breakfast menu include eggs benedict, fluffy pancakes, and crispy bacon. But, those who want to try something different can have meals like crab cake benedict and lobster omelets.

On the other hand, their breakfast menu is a step up, with things like bottomless mimosas and bloody marys. Try their shrimp and grits or steak and eggs if you want something spicy. Their banana foster French toast is famous for people who like sweet things.

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5. Bagatelle

115 Duval St #6505, Key West, FL | American, Seafood, International | $31 – $60 | Monday to Sunday 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

Bagatelle is in a house from 1884 with a big wraparound porch where you can people-watch and eat ultra-fresh seafood. It has touches of wood and clean lines that give it a cozy but modern look. 

Plus, the open-air seating area gives the place a tropical feel, making it a great place to enjoy a slow meal or brunch while basking in the Florida sun.

This Key West breakfast and brunch spot uses organic ingredients from the local area. You will sample the difference when you eat the best food in town from sustainable farms.

For a sweet treat at breakfast, try the Banana Foster French Toast. The other best option you can opt for is between western, spinach, or lobster omelets.

For people who like the “lunch” part of brunch, the thick and creamy Lobster Mac & Cheese is a great choice. Don’t miss the Crab Cake served with a strawberry basil remoulade.

You can also have some adult beverages and drinks with a summer theme. The Tennessee Peach Lemonade, made with Jack Daniels, peach juice, and club soda, is a must-try. Try the Duval Paloma, made with Blue Agave Tequila and fresh grapefruit juice from Florida farms.

You can sit outside on the porch (right on the main road!) or inside under the high, old-world ceilings. This is a more upscale Key West brunch that is a little more costly but is absolutely delicious.

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4. The Cafe

509 Southard St #6835, Key West, FL | American, Café, Healthy | $11 – $30 | Monday to Friday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

Are you tired of going out to eat and not having many vegan or veggie options? The Cafe offers the best and healthiest breakfast and brunch in Key West.

The Café is in a cute Victorian house and locals who know where to get the best breakfast in a town like to hang out at this cozy spot. 

“Rock the Veg!” is the saying at The Cafe. The windows are sparkling with Christmas lights, and the walls are full of cool chalk drawings. This place is just a lot of fun!

But the food is what sets The Café apart. The food here is creative and full of taste. It has a mix of traditional breakfast favorites and new dishes. And the best part, you can ask your server for a food’s vegan or vegetarian version if it doesn’t fit your diet.

You can get breakfast here until noon from Monday through Friday. 

One dish that stands out is the coconut cream-stuffed French toast, a dreamy and rich take on the standard. The dish has firm slices of brioche bread stuffed with a creamy coconut filling. Further, it features fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream. 

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, this place serves brunch instead of breakfast! 

We love the lemon-caper sauce that comes with the Polenta Cake Benedict. Also, you can’t go wrong with house basil pesto, garlic spinach, grilled tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella on the Caprese Egg Sandwich.

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3. Sarabeth’s Key West

530 Simonton St, Key West, FL | American, Seafood, Healthy | $11 – $30 | Monday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm, Tuesday to Saturday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm and 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm, Sunday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

You’ll find Sarabeth’s on Simonton Street, middle of Key West. It has a warm and cozy atmosphere that’s great for a relaxing meal. 

The decor is classy and welcoming, with warm lighting, comfortable seating, and beautiful flower arrangements. Whether you eat your food inside or on the porch, you’ll feel at home in the peaceful atmosphere.

Another upside: Sarabeth’s has a lot of tasty breakfast and brunch choices. Every item has the highest quality components, from pancakes and bacon to toasts and benedicts. And when you add careful preparation, it results in the right tastes and textures.

If you’re searching for the best breakfast items at Sarabeth’s, their popular homemade jams and preserves are great options. They go well with muffins or buns that have just come out of the oven. 

Meanwhile, the lemon and ricotta pancakes are an excellent choice for a hearty lunch meal. If you want something savory, the lobster and shrimp frittata will blow your mind.

In addition to the food, Sarabeth’s has a wide range of drinks, such as mimosas, bellinis, and bloody marys, to go with your meal and make brunch even better.

This is a super casual spot, great for a quick bite!

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2. Pepe’s Cafe

806 Caroline St, Key West, FL | American, Grill, Vegetarian Friendly | $11 – $30 | Monday to Sunday 7:30 am – 9:30 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

Pepe’s Cafe is a cute place to have breakfast or lunch, just a few blocks from the busy Duval Street. It has been a beloved part of Key West for over a century. 

Since 1909, this historic restaurant in a cute old building has been serving breakfast, and it’s still going strong today. Walking in, it’s easy to see why this place is a favorite among the locals. 

The decor is a lovely mix of classic Key West charm and a bit of modern elegance. At the same time, the walls are with bright paintings, and there is a lot of natural light in the dining room. It makes a warm and cozy feel, like home! The atmosphere here is laid-back, great for a slow Saturday morning. 

With brick floors and a slatted wood ceiling with openings, you kind of feel like you’re outside. This is quintessential Key West decor!

Furthermore, although the restaurant is famous, it never feels crowded or rushed. It is because the staff is friendly and goes to extra heights to ensure every guest is comfortable.

Pepe’s Cafe has a lot of different breakfast and brunch choices for people with different dietary restrictions and tastes. Their most popular breakfast foods are pancakes, omelets, bacon, and freshly baked desserts. If you want to treat yourself, try their Eggs Benedict, with properly poached eggs and a tangy hollandaise sauce.

Also, Pepe’s Cafe has a great selection of sandwiches, salads, and burgers perfect for brunch. You have to order their Cuban sandwich. It has tasty roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard; all pressed between two slices of crunchy Cuban bread.

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1. Blue Heaven

729 Thomas St, Key West, FL | American, Caribbean, Seafood | $31 – $60 | Monday to Sunday 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

The best breakfast in Key West and brunch in Key West

If you seek the best brunch in Key West, look no further than Blue Heaven! 

Suanne and Richard started Blue Heaven when they were two free spirits. It has become a popular place for tourists in Key West today because it serves excellent food in a pleasant atmosphere.

When you go, you’ll see cats and chickens around the premises. Besides that, there are brightly colored coconuts, a leopard-spotted mannequin, a rooster graveyard, and trap floats, which are some other examples of spontaneous art at Blue Heaven. 

Even better, you can eat outside in a Key West way at this place. A sail strung between two trees gives shade, which is excellent if you want to eat great food while enjoying the morning breeze and sun. It has a nice casual, laid-back vibe for the classic downtown Key West experience.

When it comes to food, this Key West diner serves American, Caribbean, and vegetarian food. The menu hardly changes, even the specials.

We love the breakfast at Blue Heaven because there are many delicious options, like excellent omelets, benedicts, and pancakes.

Try recipes like pan-sautéed yellowtail with citrus beurre blanc, Jamaican jerk chicken, and Caribbean shrimp deglazed with a Red Stripe.  Don’t leave without having a piece of authentic Key Lime Pie to end your meal!

You can also choose from seven different kinds of Mimosas! These are terrific accompaniments to further elevate your dining experience.

Blue Heaven is near The Hemingway Home and Museum and the Key West Lighthouse, making it a great spot for a quick Key West breakfast before sightseeing.

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Where can I find the best eggs benedict in Key West?

For the best eggs benedict in Key West, head to Sarabeth’s. Their perfectly poached eggs and delicious hollandaise sauce make for a delightful treat.

What are some unique and local dishes to try for breakfast in Key West?

Key West is known for its Key Lime pancakes, conch fritters, and Cuban-inspired breakfast dishes like the “Cuban Mixto” sandwich.

Which breakfast and brunch restaurants have a laid-back and relaxing atmosphere?

Blue Heaven and Moondog Café are known for their laid-back atmosphere, perfect for a leisurely brunch experience.

What are some beachfront breakfast and brunch restaurants in Key West?

Here are some beachfront breakfast and brunch restaurants in Key West:

Southernmost Beach Café: Located at the Southernmost Beach Resort, this restaurant offers stunning oceanfront views and a relaxing ambiance. Guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast or brunch while overlooking the beach and turquoise waters.

Salute! On The Beach: Situated on Higgs Beach, Salute! offers a fantastic beachfront setting with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. The restaurant serves Italian and Mediterranean-inspired dishes for breakfast and brunch.

Louie’s Backyard: While primarily known for its exquisite dinner experience, Louie’s Backyard also serves a delightful Sunday brunch with oceanfront seating. The restaurant’s beautiful patio offers a picturesque view of the water.

Can you recommend any family-friendly breakfast spots in the area?

Here are some family-friendly breakfast spots in Key West that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences:

Duetto Pizza and Gelato: This cozy Italian café offers a family-friendly atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating options. Apart from their delicious pizza and gelato, they serve breakfast items like pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and coffee.

Blue Heaven: While known for its lively atmosphere, Blue Heaven is also family-friendly and has a designated area for kids to play. They serve a variety of breakfast dishes, including pancakes, omelets, and more.

Harpoon Harry’s: This classic diner-style restaurant is a favorite among families, serving hearty breakfasts with a variety of options to please both kids and adults.

The Banana Café: Offering a warm and welcoming ambiance, The Banana Café is a great choice for families. They serve a diverse breakfast menu, including crepes, French toast, and omelets.

Sarabeth’s: This renowned breakfast spot has a friendly and accommodating atmosphere suitable for families. Their menu features a selection of delicious breakfast options that both parents and kids can enjoy.

The Café: A popular spot for vegetarians and vegans, The Café offers a welcoming environment and a kids’ menu with tasty and wholesome breakfast choices.

Ana’s Cuban Café: If your family loves Cuban cuisine, Ana’s Cuban Café is a must-visit. They offer Cuban-inspired breakfast dishes like “Cuban Mixto” sandwiches and more.

Which breakfast restaurants in Key West offer vegan or vegetarian options?

For vegan and vegetarian options, head to The Café, where they serve a variety of plant-based dishes, including tofu scrambles and avocado toast.

Are there any breakfast places that cater to gluten-free diets?

Yes, The Banana Café and Firefly Key West offer gluten-free options and are attentive to dietary restrictions.

What’s the best breakfast or brunch spot in Key West for a special occasion or celebration?

To celebrate a special occasion, head to Latitudes at Sunset Key Cottages for a luxurious and unforgettable brunch experience. However, you’ll need to make reservations months in advance!

What are the best breakfast and brunch spots in Key West with outdoor seating?

Blue Heaven: Known for its eclectic and vibrant atmosphere, Blue Heaven offers outdoor dining in a lush garden setting. Guests can enjoy live music while savoring delicious breakfast dishes.

Louie’s Backyard: This elegant waterfront restaurant provides a charming outdoor patio overlooking the ocean, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely brunch with breathtaking views.

Southernmost Beach Café: Located right on South Beach, this café offers a beautiful oceanfront setting with outdoor seating. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing breakfast or brunch by the sea.

Sarabeth’s: Sarabeth’s patio is a lovely spot for brunch, and you can enjoy their famous eggs benedict or other delectable breakfast dishes in the outdoor ambiance.

Salute! On The Beach: Situated on Higgs Beach, Salute! offers a fantastic beachfront setting for a delightful breakfast experience with fresh sea air and a view of the ocean.

Firefly Key West: With its inviting garden patio, Firefly provides a charming and serene atmosphere to enjoy their Southern-inspired breakfast and brunch offerings.

The Café: This vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant features a relaxed outdoor seating area, perfect for enjoying their wholesome and flavorful breakfast options.

Moondog Café: A local favorite, Moondog Café offers a cozy courtyard with outdoor seating where you can indulge in their diverse breakfast menu.

As you can see, Key West is a lovely town that attracts visitors with its easygoing vibe, beautiful beaches, and lively food scene. Regarding food, Key West has a lot of choices for every taste and budget, from local favorites to hidden gems and hotspots.

So, whether you are a local or sightseer, a great way to begin your day is to attend one of these 15 must-visit breakfast and brunch spots in Key West. Who knows, you might find a new favorite spot that will make you want to come back again and again!

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