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20 Best Hot Springs in Colorado To Swim In Year Round

Looking for the top hot springs in Colorado to check out? We’ve got you covered with our 20 favorite options in this gorgeous state!

A trip to Colorado has endless options! Looking at a map of Colorado, it may seem like every other town is named after a geothermal spring that bubbles up to the surface. Colorado is home to hundreds of natural hot springs; you can find some of them in century-old facilities or on the roadside.

Colorado’s mountains are the best spot to get your heart racing and keep it calm. After a hard day of trekking or skiing, relax in one of its numerous hot springs, many of which include water slides and other kid-friendly features.

If you want to relax through 100% natural warm water, keep reading: this guide lists the most gorgeous hot springs in Colorado to plan your getaway.

The Best Hot Springs in Colorado

Here are the 20 best hot springs in Colorado right now that you definitely won’t want to miss!

20. Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa: Sulphur Springs

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

The Hot Sulfur Springs Resort & Spa in Grand County’s northwest corner is a tranquil haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. The pools are situated on a picturesque hillside in a small mountain community of the same name, which is also one of our favorite small towns in Colorado to visit.

This is one of our favorite Colorado hot springs to visit for a spa-like vacation!

Granby and Kremmling are also nearby, as are Fraser and Winter Park. All year round, guests can stay at the resort, which offers on-site housing.

At Hot Sulfur Springs, there are 21 mineral pools and baths, making this one of the most extensive hot springs in Colorado. Each spring receives water supply from well under the surface. Pool temperatures range from 95°F to 112°F, and the facilities are well-maintained and accessible.

In addition to the many various styles of outdoor springs, there’s also a colder indoor pool where you can swim laps if you prefer the traditional pool vibe.

19. Strawberry Park Hot Springs: Steamboat Springs

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

Located next to a mountain stream, Strawberry Park Hot Springs is one of the most beautiful hot springs. As a result of the springs’ natural feeding, they can become rather hot near their origin. When you’re in Steamboat Springs, this is a great spot to unwind and recharge. Multiple pools of various sizes and temperatures are available at the resort.

Each stone pond has been thoughtfully planned and is a breeze to go around. Mineral-rich water fills the hot springs pools’ sand-covered bottoms, making them therapeutic. The pool’s lowest temperature is 102°F.

There are more swimming pools open in the summer than in the winter. During the winter, a chilly pond and stream surround the main pools. The pond is warm enough to swim in during the summer months. Before returning to the hot springs, some brave souls can take a refreshing dip in the cold creek.

Bring a flashlight since the pools are located at the foot of a slight slope if you visit at night. The lack of lighting is mainly attributable to the fact that it becomes clothing-optional after dark. Having a warm cabin and a tepee for changing is convenient. Restrooms and a picnic area are available on-site.

There are many massage and water shiatsu therapies available in Strawberry Park in addition to the natural hot springs. You can also arrange accommodations. You can also stay overnight in a covered wagon or railroad caboose and stay in rustic cottages and tent sites.

18. Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

You can witness one of the best views of the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers and adjacent sandstone cliffs at Iron Mountain Hot Springs near Glenwood Springs.

There are 16 different pools, each with a varying temperature of 98-108 ℉. A separate silent area provides a tranquil setting for soaking and unwinding.

Parents can unwind in an elevated whirlpool while children play in the more extensive freshwater family pool. This pool is accessible by a steep ramp. After a swim in the pool, the Rejuvenation Station serves as a rest stop.

The bathhouse has locker rooms and a retail store that sells swimwear, apparel accessories, and other items. Pizza, sandwiches, and snacks are available in the Sopris Café, and hot and cold beverages like beer, wine, and pre-made cocktails. The poolside Sandbar is open all year long and offers refreshments.

17. Penny Hot Springs, Carbondale

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

There is no charge to visit Penny Hot Springs, which receives its hot mineral water from underground springs. It’s roughly forty-five minutes from Aspen to this spot on the Crystal River, just beyond Carbondale.

Rugged, snow-capped mountains and jaw-dropping valleys surround the springs. In the end, it’s a great way to relax after a long day of enjoying the area’s activities, such as fishing and climbing.

There is a temperature of above 130 ℉ at Penny Hot Springs. Penny has many rustic ponds isolated from the river by a wall of placed rocks.

Penny Hot Springs is only open for daily use. Pets are welcome at these hot springs, but a leash is required at all times (sadly, dogs are not permitted in the hot springs). There is no place to tent or camp at the hot springs.

Wearing a swimming suit is a good idea because of the number of people that visit this hot spring. The source is hot, so be cautious. Also, Avalanche Hot Springs is only a short drive away.

16. Overlook Hot Springs Spa, PagosaSprings

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

New hot springs spa, Overlook Hot Springs in Pagosa, Colorado, has opened its doors to the public! Three rooftop spas and five indoor pools are available for guests to soak in Victorian-era style. You’ll also enjoy the sauna and hot tub on the rooftop.

There are various indoor hot springs pools to select from on the first level. In addition to towel rentals, there are locker rooms with showers accessible. At the front desk, you can buy beer and wine as minor concessions.

You will enjoy the starry sky at night during your stay here. The major attraction is on the upper deck, and the upper deck is two hot spring pools. They look out over the San Juan River and provide a stunning view of Pagosa Springs.

The rental of the private tub room gives you complete privacy and control over the temperature of the water.

The Overlook Mineral Springs Spa offers various massages for you to enjoy, such as  Swedish, prenatal, deep tissue, and hot stone. All massages include direct connections to the hot springs.

15. Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs, Redstone

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

There’s nothing like escaping Avalanche Ranch, a 36-acre property nestled in the Rocky Mountains. An apartment with one bedroom and a three-bedroom home with outstanding Rocky Mountain views are among the thirteen lovely log cottages on the property.

On-site, there are three hot springs pools. At the same time, the use of the hot springs is included in the price of the cottage and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is a lodge, trout fishing pond, river frontage of about half a mile, and a farm for children to play in. Some summer weddings, year-round retreats, and family reunions hold at Avalanche Ranch.

14. Twin Peaks Lodge and Hot Springs, Ouray

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

Twin Peaks Lodge has three excellent hot springs pools in the San Juan Mountains. The scenery of the mountains from the hot springs, which are pet-friendly, are spectacular.

The mineral-rich water that strikes the surface at 156 ℉ and then cools naturally before entering the pools is not treated with any chemicals. In addition to late-night visitors, the pools are available for use throughout the day.

The spa offers robe rentals, pedicures, manicures, facials, and massages, as well as a variety of other services. You can use the hot spring pools for both day and overnight stays and find a large warmed hot springs pool and tiny hot springs soaking tub outside. There’s a separate section for adults-only bathing here.

Guests can choose from six different accommodation kinds, including the Queen, Double Queen, Two-Bedroom Unit, Family Suite, and the King Suite if they’d want to stay the night. In addition to complimentary hot breakfast and drinks during work hours, the hotel provides additional amenities for overnight visitors.

You can enjoy many other facilities, such as 24-hour guest laundry, 24-hour gym, and photocopy & fax services.

13. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort & Spa, Glenwood Springs

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

Visitors to Glenwood Hot Springs Resort have been doing so for more than a century, creating a long-lasting family tradition. Because of its central location between the world-famous ski resorts of Aspen and Vail, Colorado’s historic Glenwood Springs is a sought-after tourist destination.

There is nothing like soaking in the mineral-rich water of the world’s most significant hot springs pool to relax the mind and body, and this unique and historic site contains all you need for memorable hot springs pool holiday. The historical city of Glenwood Springs is a short walk from the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort.

Take a walk over the pedestrian bridge and see the awe-inspiring scenery of the surrounding mountains and the gorgeous Colorado River.

12. Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Ouray

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

Ouray Hot Springs Pool debuted on July 4, 1927, and has been one of the town’s most popular tourist attractions ever since.

You can find the biggest resort in town right at the beginning of downtown at this location. It’s a lovely spot for a relaxing dip in the sun.

There are all kinds of options available to unwind and soak, swim laps, and have some fun with the kids. For the convenience of all visitors, the vast pool has been separated into many sections. Also, an enormous water slide is available throughout the summer.

You have access to bathrooms and showers in the locker rooms inside. Nautilus gym equipment is available at the resort’s 1800-square-foot fitness facility for guests who want to stay in shape.

There is a pleasant space next to the swimming pool. It is possible to have a massage after an exhausting exercise, which you can also do there. You can enjoy all of these facilities, as well as BBQ grills and picnic tables in the park.

11. Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn & Spa, Buenavista

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

For hundreds of years, the Ute Indians utilized Cottonwood Hot Springs as a spiritual meeting place. They are now an entirely constructed collection of rustic hot springs and overnight accommodations west of Buena Vista, Colorado.

To go to Almont and CB, you have to cross Cottonwood Pass, where you can find the rustic lodge. Cottonwood is a bathing paradise located near the Continental Divide, where guests can choose from many options. Locals love it because it offers overnight accommodations and a laid-back ambiance.

These hot mineral springs, supplied only by gravity, are famed for their medical and therapeutic properties. Pools of varied sizes and temperatures are available, with the hottest peaking at 110°F and the coldest at 94°F, respectively. A dry sauna and two private creekside pools are also available for an extra cost to visitors of the pool.

All of the hot springs are natural, and nothing is added to them. Swimming suits are needed at all times, and no smoking, alcohol, pets, or glass is allowed in the pool area. Lifeguards aren’t on duty at night; thus, children under 16 cannot utilize the hot springs after sunset.

Accommodations on the grounds offer the hot springs on arrival and departure days. Cabins of various sizes, coed dorms, and tent sites are all options available year-round. In addition to three double beds, there are three single beds in the dorm and a kitchen and a bathroom. If you want to bring your pet, you’ll have to pay a fee.

10. Valley View Hot Springs, Villa Grove

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

Valley View Hot Springs is at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range and is a quiet, secluded resort. In the woods, you’ll find several hot spring pools. As far as we know, the springs are owned and operated by a non-profit organization known as the Orient Land Trust.

There is a 1/4-mile uphill trek to get to the furthest pools, the Top Ponds, connected by a dirt track. It is a unique location that as many people should see. There is no dress code, so it means you will not bother to wear suits.

At Valley View, there are seven ponds and pools. For convenience, one large pool and two smaller hot tubs are located adjacent to the parking lot. The pool is the best place to cool down when it’s hot. Whereas, the hot tubs are maintained at temperatures from 104° to 106°F

Tent and vehicle camping and private rooms and cottages are options for those looking to stay on site. The hot springs are open to nighttime guests after the crowds have gone. Make reservations if you want to keep up the night during the summer months since they can sometimes become rather busy.

Year-round, a wide range of rustic lodging options is available. Due to high demand, making a reservation is strongly advised. Up to three months in advance might be reserved by members who have contributed to the organization. Non-members can book up to two weeks ahead for reservations.

No pets are allowed in the Oak House and Sunset Rooms. In addition to the shared kitchen and eating room, all overnight visitors have access to a small library, a computer, free wi-fi, and snacks for sale from the Welcome Center.

9. Antero Hot Springs Cabins, Nathrop

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

Three charming cottages with a soaking pool are available at Antero Hot Springs. At the foot of Mount Princeton, in Chalk Creek Canyon, is a lovely resort.

Each cottage has its hot spring just outside the door! Temperatures range from 100 to 112 ℉ in the pools, with water leaving the earth at 135℉. Private yoga lessons, hot herbal wraps, and deep-tissue massages are just some spa treatment options.

The cottages are Cottonwood Cabin, Hortense Cabin, and Chalk Cliffs. You can find private hot spring pools in the form of hand-carved rock formations just outside each establishment’s entrance. The mineral-rich, sulfur-free water in these enormous soaking pools comes from a hot spring on the property.

These locations are very delightful! They seem isolated and exotic because of their position between Mount Antero and Mount Princeton, where 1,500-foot cliffs are visible from the hot tubs. At the same time, you can discover Big Horn Sheep and Mountain Goats perched on neighboring rock faces.

At about 15 minutes from Buena Vista (and 20 minutes from Salida), the Antero Hot Springs are accessible through well-maintained, paved county roads. It takes roughly 2.5 hours to go from Denver or Colorado Springs.

8. Waunita Hot Springs Ranch

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

Family-owned, Waunita Hot Springs is a bed and breakfast and guest ranch situated east of Gunnison, Colorado. There is year-round access to the hot springs, and daily usage is provided during the winter months.

If you’re looking for a western vacation that’s ideal for big groups, the Waunita Hot Springs Ranch in the Rocky Mountains is the place for you. The family-owned is a superb place to stay because of its magnificent setting, excellent amenities, great accommodations, and friendly staff.

You can go fishing, horseback riding, and swimming in the hot springs-fed pool while staying at this isolated lodge surrounded by the Gunnison National Forest. Activities for children include horseshoes, hayrides, and fishing at this family-friendly ranch.

The Hillside Lodge and Ranch House are both available for overnight stays. You have access to billiards, a dining a library, room, and two fireplaces on the Ranch house’s main level. Each of the Hillside Lodge’s two four-room portions is distinct. When you stay in Waunita Hot Springs, you’ll feel right at home. Each room has a private bath, and the mattresses are comfy.

Walking to the pool table and dining hall are just some of the lodging amenities at the Ranch House. Additionally, they provide delicious home-cooked meals served in a family-style setting and created using locally sourced products.

7. Indian Springs Resort, Idaho Springs


The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

Indian Hot Springs is a pleasant diversion from the mountains’ drive back. Located just off I-70 near Idaho Springs, it’s one of the nearest hot springs to the city of Denver. Private hot springs baths are available for guests, a gift store, and a lounge. Additionally, a comprehensive spa offers a wide range of services.

You can enjoy the hot mineral water bursting up from the earth by many tribes without any danger of conflict. The Ute and Arapahoe Indians exploited these hot springs as a source of drinking water. Soda Creek passes through Indian Hot Springs—a place of peace—was a point of contention between the two communities.

Indian Hot Springs Resort activities include a hot spring pool and geothermal caverns with hot mineral bathing facilities. A tropical dome covers the hot mineral water in the indoor swimming pool. All of the vegetation around the pool are tropical, including Banana and Palm trees and many blooming varieties.

Eleven private indoor hot springs rooms are available for rent if you want a more intimate experience. One 8’x4’x3′ tub is included in each unit. At 106 ° F, they contain natural hot mineral water. Also available for rental are 108°F mineral-water-filled outdoor jacuzzis, all of which are enclosed in high-tech privacy gates.

There is also the option of getting body treatments like massages and mineral-rich clay mud baths available at “Club Mud.” The mud will cleanse the toxins in your body.

On-site hotel options include a range of rooms, cottages, and a campsite with water and power connections for guests seeking to spend the night. Pets aren’t allowed here. After going through the historic downtown area, the Soda Creek Resort is only a short drive from downtown Idaho Springs. Look for a large sign on the town’s main thoroughfare.

6. Sand Dunes Pool, Hooper

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

Resort amenities include two swimming pools (one for laps and one for leisure), picnic spots, decks, a greenhouse lounge near the Great Sand Dunes north of Alamosa. Year-round pleasure at the Sand Dunes Pool, often referred to as “Hooper Pool” by the locals. Artesian well that extends 4,400 feet deep, initially sunk in the early 1930s for oil, supplies the reservoir.

The supply water has a temperature of 118 ℉, though the pool is kept at 98 to 100 ℉. You can use it to relax muscles and joints. Therapy pools are available for individuals who like the temperature to be slightly higher, with a 25-person capacity. The resort provides swimming and aerobics programs during the summer months, which offer a low-impact training option.

A four-person family travel trailer with a bathroom, kitchen, and living area is available for rent. Renting one of the cottages is also an option. Campgrounds for both RVs and tents are available for rent. Fire pits, tables, grass, and parking are all included with the ten tent sites. Campers receive a discount on the pool entrance.

5. Desert Reef Hot Spring, Florence

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

Located in the state’s “banana belt,” Desert Reef Hot Springs is a clothing-optional hot spring pool. The ten-acre property is semi-private and offers stunning views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Swimming in a hot springs pool at Desert Reef is a unique experience. At 132 ℉, the water that emerges from a 1,096-foot-deep well is scorching. Adjustments are made to the temperature by convection currents.

An artesian well provides hot mineral water for a single big pool. It is 36 feet wide by 50 feet long. Summertime temperatures are maintained at or below body temperature, whereas wintertime temperatures are kept at or above 100° F. The blue coloration is due to the presence of the mineral Travertine. Every week, the pool is emptied to maintain its high standard of cleanliness.

Sun terrace, greenhouse lounge, and lots of seats throughout the facilities are all available for guests to utilize. An outdoor BBQ grill,  a water cooler, a microwave,  and a refrigerator are all accessible for visitors to use. You also have bathrooms and showers in the dressing rooms.

Desert Reef’s hot springs are open to the public, and visitors are free to come and go as they like. You can arrive early and go late since your entrance is open all day. There is no admission for single guys.

4. Juniper Hot Springs, Lay

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

A few soaking pools outside Lay, Moffat County, were established about 1880. Juniper Hot Springs provides a unique vacation experience for those fortunate enough to find themselves here in northwest Colorado.

The overflow from four smaller pools fills a massive pool with a concrete bottom. The sand and clay on the bottom of these smaller pools make it easy for the water to rise. The water temperature is roughly 102 ° F.

The hot springs, exposed during daytime hours, charge a nominal daily fee for visitors’ usage. Campsites on gravel are also available but with no electricity or water.

Bathing suits are mandatory, and drinking is not allowed in the pool area. A parent or guardian must accompany guests under the age of 18.

3. Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center, Salida

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center is America’s most extensive indoor hot spring facility in Salida, Colorado. You can soak, swim, take classes, and play in the children’s wading pool in a massive pool.

The water from the hot springs has no odor or color, and it has minerals such as bicarbonate, chloride, calcium, sodium,  potassium, and sulfate.

The Aquatic Center has three indoor pools and a store that sells swimsuits, inflatable toys, goggles, and more. The largest pool is 75 feet in length and has a temperature of around 90˚ F. ‘

A barrier divides a 100°F soaking pool from the rest of the pool. This part of the pool is 4 feet deep and spans the whole width of the pool. The final pool is just 18 inches deep and designed for kids.

Fitness courses are available to the general public throughout the day, and some of them are arthritis and water volleyball. There are also swimming classes available for those who want to swim. Everything occurs in the pool, and there’s a reasonable fee to cover the costs involved.

You can rent several smaller pools by the hour if you want a more intimate experience. If so, we advise you to book in advance due to high demand. The individual baths are heated to over 100 ℉ using natural hot springs. Those above 18 are permitted to use these private swimming pools.

2. Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort, Nathrop

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

As a genuine resort, Mount Princeton Hot Springs has everything you’d expect from a spa, including a restaurant, gift shop, and several huge pools. It is situated in Chalk Creek Canyon, located south of Buena Vista.

Mount Princeton rises majestically behind the resort, providing stunning views of the surrounding area. In addition to individual cabins, there are also hillside, cliffside, and lodge accommodations to choose from.

Mount Princeton is home to three massive hot spring pools open all year round. Swimmers will enjoy the Exercise Pool’s 90° F water temperature, making it ideal for a workout. A constant 105 ° F ensures that the Soaking Pool is just hot enough to soothe your pains. In the Relaxation Pool, you can rest and unwind. It’s solely available to those staying at the resort.

Chalk Creek is the main attraction of Mount Princeton. 30 or more little hot springs pools surround the path as it passes the resort. Stacking boulders against the walls prevents stream water from entering, allowing for more control over temperature. The tranquility of a hot mineral spring adjacent to a mountain stream is incomparable.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Upper Pool is open in the summertime. On the 400-foot water slide, you can take a leisurely river float ride. The peaceful sounds of the stream and stunning views of the night sky make nighttime a very magical experience.

Both pools include many seats and tables and a fireplace in the Exercise Pool. Near the pools, you’ll find a wet sauna as well.

1. Orvis Hot Springs, Ridgway

The best hot springs in Colorado to visit

One of the well-known hot springs in the region, Orvis Hot Springs has many outdoor pools with the San Juan Mountains fantastic scenery. An indoor pool and private baths are also available. You’ll find it in Ridgway, eight miles north of Ouray, Colorado.

Throughout the day, Orvis is a clothing-free zone. With temperatures spanning from 100 to 106 ° F, there are four pools outside that are supplied by natural lithium hot springs.

It is 40 feet wide and 5 ft deep, making “The Pond” the most expansive. At 20 feet long by 8 feet broad, “Island Pond” has 2 feet depth. It’s fed by a waterfall that pours crater water.

There’s also a “Smoker’s Pond” in Orvis Hot Springs. It’s 8 feet in diameter and has a calming waterfall to soothe the soul. The range of temperatures is 103-107°F. Out of the four outdoor pools, “The Lobster Pot” is the hottest. Temperatures in this little pool range from 108 to 114 ℉.

There’s a pool house, replete with paintings and lounge chairs on the water’s edge, here. The temperature of the indoor pool is maintained at 101° F. Furthermore, the relaxing sounds of another waterfall are here for your enjoyment.

There are two private baths in Ouray that are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and have an average temperature of 102-110° F.

Massages are available in the yurts. You can get a massage from one of the many skilled professionals on staff from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Also, Orvis offers various lodging and camping options, and the lodge at the top level includes six themed bedrooms that guests can rent. Unfortunately, you won’t find a telephone or a television in the rooms, but you have free wi-fi throughout the lodge. The hot springs are open to overnight visitors as well.

In Closing

There are many different hot springs experiences in Colorado, so you’ll be sure to discover at least one or two places to unwind between your outdoor excursions.

After a long day of alpine adventures, a trip to a hot spring can do wonders for your body. They’re also the most exciting and adventurous method to stay warm throughout the icy winter months.

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