The 15 Best Restaurants in Marathon, Florida

Looking for some of the best restaurants in Marathon Florida?

Frank’s Grill

Just a few blocks from the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters, Frank’s Grill is a great place to eat at the Town Square Mall.

Stout’s Restaurant

Getting breakfast at this diner-style eatery in Marathon is an excellent to start your day.

Butterfly Cafe

Looking for a restaurant that provides a high-quality dining experience with beautifully presented food?

Marathon Grill and Ale House

Marathon Florida’s Ale House is pleased to welcome you. There are 30 beers on tap and another 40 in bottles and cans, making this a true full bar.

La Niña Restaurant

La Niña Restaurant opened its doors in August 2019 and quickly became a sought-after destination for those craving authentic Cuban cuisine.

Fish Tales Market &  Eatery

Fish Tales Market & Eatery is one of the most casual food places in Marathon. It is a seafood restaurant situated in “the heart” of the Florida Keys.